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Retractable Patio Awnings

The range of retractable awnings for your home from Samson Awnings & Terrace Covers extends to over 40 high quality models each with their own unique features. We only provide bespoke awnings from the very best European manufacturers ensuring total confidence in dealing with our ever more changeable UK weather.

The entire wall mounted, retractable arm awning range can be broken down into 3 basic categories:


Full cassette awnings

This is an enclosed awning where the roller, fabric cover and arms are completely protected and stored in a closed cassette when retracted. These awnings are the right choice for exposed installations and for anyone wanting maximum protection all year round and when the weather turns bad. The cover fabric will stay cleaner a lot longer if used sensibly.

weinor semina patio awning in grey on brick and timber wall

Semi-cassette awnings

There are varying degrees of protection given by semi cassetted awnings as the casings from manufacturers differ in design. Generally the protection is given from the top and the front only by an aluminium or steel coverboard. Where complete protection is not a requirement such as underneath a soffitt these awnings can be useful.


Open cassette awnings

If the location for installation is well protected then open cassette awnings are a good economical way of shading. The mechanisms and roller tubes are left completely exposed.This type of awning is usually fixed underneath a balcony but rarely used in the UK as the fabric is exposed.

Stay cool in the summer sun

Hot summer sun and bright intense glare will be a thing of the past when using your awning and control is simple with automatic control options or remote control systems tailored to your home.

Your patio awning will protect you, your family, pets and furniture from the heat and harmful UV rays of the sun.

You can keep several degrees cooler under the awning. However at night time the temperature is usually higher underneath the awning as heat is trapped under the covered area.

At Samson Awnings we pride ourselves on providing the best awnings available in the UK and that’s why we use only two manufacturers; Markilux & Weinor.

Don’t let rain spoil outdoor barbeques and parties!

Showers won’t spoil your plans with a correctly specified awning, no more praying and hoping it won’t rain and ruining your party. You will be protected by a Samson awning as the fabric covers are all water resistant with options for fully waterproofing. Not all retractable awnings available on the market will stand rainfall, especially heavy bursts so careful consideration needs to be given to the correct model, the brackets used and installation position, especially on single storey buildings

Important Note:
If you need an outdoor cover system that you definitely know is required to deal with more than the odd rain shower then you need to look at our range of retractable terrace covers offering far higher wind ratings and capable of staying extended during heavier rainfall most of the year round to create a truly useable outdoor covered area.

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Our unique Weinor Pergotex  or Gibus Med system can give you a ‘room outdoors’ with the entire design meant for use in all weathers – even snowfall! Take a look for yourself or even consider the fixed roof systems we have to offer such as the Terrazza

There are so many highly developed fixed and retractable products now available to truly create an outdoor area capable of being used for most of the year round. Come and take a look in our showroom to see some of these fantastic products.

Use your patio and outdoor area later into the evening

Heater_detail_216Cooler Spring and Autumn evenings are not a problem anymore with our range of integrated infra red awning heating and different lighting solutions as well as side screens and drop down valances to deflect the cooler evening breezes.
By having a large fabric cover over you will usually trap warmth anyway and it is certainly more comfortable sitting underneath as the temperature drops.
Prevailing winds can be dealt with in several ways dependant on the awning model used and the size required.

Again, the Pergola, Plaza or Gibus systems offer the ultimate in shelter and correctly specified with additional lighting and heating could almost be a room outdoors which at the push of a button retracts the roof and stores it away neatly.

Specify the best

Any of the Samson Awnings are a solid investment that will last for many years to come.You can relax knowing you have the very latest in material and construction technology and only the highest quality components are used when manufacturing your awning.

Your patio awning will become part of your home and serve to enhance your outdoor area whether for quieter relaxing moments or large gathering of friends or family. Various options on many of the awnings provide extra protection and comfort, items such as the ‘drop down front valance’ or pull out side screens to prevent annoying draughts from one side. For most electric awnings you will have a wind sensor to ensure the awning retracts fully if the wind speed becomes too high.

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