When you require an awning in any of the extra large sizes (in particular over about six metres wide) then the options are normally greatly reduced. However, there are still several models all capable of widths up to a giant 14 metres wide that can do so without sacrificing stability and reliability.

All of these extra large awnings are what we call ‘coupled’ when the width is over seven metres wide, and this effectively means two units are combined together, but with one motor drive operating both awning covers for maximum efficiency.

The maximum projection for a self supporting awning is four metres and this won’t ever change purely because of the stresses put onto the brackets. We do however offer awnings with greater projection than their widths.

If any more projection is required, then you have to look at systems with both supporting posts at the front and side channels to further support the fabric cover. Take a look at our range of retractable roof systems for ideas on what is available, but sizes up to six metres in projection isn’t a problem with these products due to the structural posts and supporting systems allowing for greater structural integrity at larger projections.

These larger or coupled awnings are perfect for both domestic and commercial use. Larger gardens or patios can now be covered more efficiently and cost effectively for example, whilst for businesses it provides an incredibly easy way to allow customers to use a larger amount of outside space. This can allow you to seat more customers outside your cafe or restaurant, provide a covered outdoor social area at your pub or bar, or maybe simply

Samson Awnings offer a variety of different awnings which can be coupled or have larger widths, and you can read more about these below.

 Awnings in Large Sizes