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If you appreciate being outside as much as possible, enjoying your patio, terrace or garden with family or friends, or simply as your own space, then a retractable awning is a great addition to help control the sun, shade and rainfall whilst outside.

Samson Electric Retractable AwningsWe supply a wide range of awning products, purpose made to measure with a huge selection of fabric designs to choose from. However, if time is of the essence, we are now holding limited stock of the most popular awnings from the bestselling Erhardt collection. These high quality awnings are available for fast delivery and installation.

The Samson range of retractable patio awnings for your home extends to over 40 high quality models, all from the world’s leading manufacturers.

With over 20 years’ experience and consistently providing the very latest technology and highest quality awnings, fit for purpose in our UK climate, offering the widest range of additional accessories to further enhance the awning and its use.

The best awnings are all manufactured from aluminium and only use the very highest quality engineered components and the latest fabric technology.

Most models are bespoke and totally made to measure sizes, which ensures you are guaranteed the perfect fit for your outside space.

There are over 500 fabrics to choose from in total, with different makes having different fabrics. When looking for a retractable awning for your home, you should take care in ensuring you choose the right size, colour, fabric and features to ensure it provides the shade or protection you want to truly define ‘outdoor living’

A retractable awning can be used for anything from creating controllable sun and UV protection in a particular room and larger sizes for an outdoor area to sit underneath, or for many people a retractable system to enable some protection from rainfall in our very changeable British climate.

A guide to your perfect awning Pricing examples for awnings


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From Planning to Installation Made Easy

1. Initial Contact

Call us directly on 01933 448 844, submit an online enquiry or visit our showroom to speak to a member of our team.

2. Price Proposal

We will then send you a price proposal to review, and make changes if required. We can also do some initial visuals.

3. Site Survey

Once you are 100% happy, we will arrange a site survey to check dimensions and to ensure the specifications are suitable.

4. Installation

We will complete your installation and handover a professionally installed product which will have guarantees in place for added peace of mind.




fabric awnings for the homeControl the intense heat of the midday sun with ease, adjust the projection to deal with the rising and setting sun patterns.


✓ Keep several degrees cooler when the sun is at its most intense

✓ Keep several degrees warmer at night

✓ Protection from annoying droughts and also provide privacy.

✓ Entertain friends and family longer into the evenings

✓ Optional lighting and heating options available.

✓ Awnings can be ordered up to 14 meters wide

✓ Awnings can be ordered up to a 4 meter projection

✓ With supported systems we can offer up to 8 meters in projection.

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Awnings Electric operation control optionsControl your awning effortlessly with a handheld remote control capable of multi-channel options when required to control the awning cover, lighting and dimming, drop down front valance, infra-red heating and other electric awnings or blinds as well.

Nearly every awning we supply has a built in motion sensor or wind speed sensor to retract the awning if the wind speed gets too disruptive.

Awnings can deal with varying degrees of wind depending on the model, but all have a maximum wind speed tolerance and should never be left open and unattended ideally and this is where the sensor is a great option to include.

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Samson Fabric Choices from Dickson FabricsThe quality and colour of your awning fabric can make the ambiance on your patio and in your conservatory special.

Colour nuances, patterns and textures succeed in creating that uniquely special effect by virtue of their brightness and hue.

Our leading manufacturers have more than 250 patterns each, all in coordinated colour groups. You are certain to find the perfect design for you and your home.

The highest quality fabrics will ensure the longest lifespan and performance against UV, damp and general daily wear and tear.

When it comes to making your choice, allow yourself to be inspired, enthused, speak with our specialist sales team for more information or download our manufacturers Fabric Brochures below

Markilux Fabric Collection » | Weinor Fabric Collection » | Erhardt Tibelly Ambiente Collection » | Erhardt Tibelly Classic Collection » | Erhardt Tibelly Screen Collection »

Read Our Retractable Fabric Awning FAQ’s

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Retractable Awnings with LED LightingUse your electric awning into the evening with various LED lighting options all controlled from the touch of a button or via a smart phone app using the Somfy home automation system.

High quality and powerful LED spotlights and light bars offer very good lighting for outdoor areas and are positioned in various places depending on the awning model used.

LED lights positioned externally on the awning can also be used as a light bar without the awning even in use, ideal for the winter months.

Highest Quality Retractable Aluminium Awnings

All Samson awnings are manufactured either in Germany or Holland by the very leading awning manufacturers. Components are of the highest quality with forged aluminum knuckle joints on every awning arm used for the very strongest overall results and performance.

Full cassette awnings are encased in the highest quality aluminium, and we have many examples of customers with awnings well over 15 years old and still fully functional and pristine in their finish.

✓ Toughest Materials used – Aluminum Knuckle Joints

✓ Highest Quality Aluminium Full Cassette Awnings

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Rain Protection for Retractable AwningsAlthough most awnings are sold for sun protection and providing a comfortable area to sit beneath, we also have to deal with the rain, as we are in the UK after all.

It isn’t necessary to have a waterproof fabric for rain protection in an awning as the real trick is to not have water sitting on the fabric cover in the first place and hence why we insist on a minimum of 15-20 degree pitch if an awning is to be used in the rain, preferably more if possible.

Awnings used for rain protection should be carefully specified and always have a steep pitch for rainfall run off, but also be one of the sturdier models with larger arms.

The wind and motion detection systems should also be used in every case when the intention is to use the awning in more unstable weather.

Generally, most awnings will deal with light annoying rain as we often see in the summer and autumn months, but common sense is the order of the day and never leave an awning unattended in rain.

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Additional Shading and Privacy for Retractable AwningsYou can have an optional manual or electric drop down front valance system on several awning models, primarily to provide shade from low lying sun, but also providing additional privacy and warmth on those cooler evenings by preventing a cool breeze entering your outdoor area.

The drop down valance is available with many more fabrics, including tough perforated fabrics specially designed to provide some vision out but still protect from the sun, wind  and rain.

Add even more shade with a Side Screen with the ability to simply disappear into its cassette cover when not in use, retractable side screens can remain a low-key fixture on any building yet still be ready for use by simply extending the fabric from the pull handle.


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Erhardt Awnings Markilux Awnings Samson Awnings Weinor Fabric Awnings

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retractable Awnings at dusk with lightingCooler Spring and Autumn evenings are not a problem with our superb range of integrated infrared awning heaters and various lighting solutions, as well as side screens and drop down valances, deflecting the cooler evening breezes.

By having a large fabric cover sitting over you will usually trap good levels of warmth and it is certainly more comfortable sitting underneath a cover as the temperature outside drops. Prevailing winds can be dealt with in several ways dependent on the awning model used and the size required to protect.

Our range of LED lighting options is continuously expanding, our newest addition to the collection being LED lines that are integrated in the arm of the awning.Page DividerAWNING OVERVIEWS


Pegrola System in different applications

Our range of pergolas could be the perfect option for you! When looking for a larger scale awning we always recommend looking through our pergola options. Our impressive range of high quality pergolas are built with the homeowner in mind. Offering you greater weather resistance, these are the next step up from an awning.

Awnings are a great option for those looking to extend their living space throughout summer and milder weathers and while you can use your awning in most weathers when winds are strong your awning is likely not recommended for use. With wind sensors fitted your awning fabric will automatically retract but with a pergola system it extends your outdoor living throughout more unpredictable weather. View our systems below.

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Come and take a look in our Wellingborough showroom to see some of these fantastic products.


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Opening Times

Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm

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Please note that although our showroom is open on a Saturday it is best to email
or call us to book an appointment if possible as we can get very busy.

E-mail us via or call us on 01933 448844 to get booked into the showroom.


Samson Outdoor Living ShowroomAny of the Samson Awnings are a solid investment for your home that will last for many years to come. Relax knowing you have the very latest in material, electronic and construction technology, where only the highest quality components are used when manufacturing your awning.

Your patio awning will become part of your home and serve to enhance your outdoor area whether for quieter relaxing moments or large gatherings of friends or family.

Various options on many of the awnings provide extra protection and comfort, items such as the ‘drop down front valance’ or pull out side screens to prevent annoying droughts from one side.

For most electric retractable awnings, you will have a wind sensor to ensure the awning retracts fully if the wind speed becomes too high and dangerous.

Many of the bespoke awnings we sell are not suitable for normal DIY installation but we do have various standard awning options which are far simpler to install with minimal bracketing involved.

Contact us Today to Discuss Your Options, Request a Quote, or Simply Chat About Creating Your Perfect Awning
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How can I order? Our approach

For many years we’ve helped our domestic and commercial awning and canopy customers.

How can I order? Our approach

1. Take several pictures of the area where you are looking to create an outdoor space.
2. Send your images with your details.
3. Tell us a little about what you want to achieve e.g. sun protection, rain protection, all year round use of space and so on.
4. If you have any preferences already, things such as retractable, fixed or both in one system. Don’t worry if you haven’t as we can advise and guide you later if needed. Read more

Email us today or call us on 01933 448 844 to discuss your requirements.