Markilux Awnings


Markilux awnings are the gold standard for the awnings industry, designing and manufacturing every aspect of the awnings they produce. From the gear mechanisms to the high-quality textile covers, Markilux make it themselves, to an excellent high-standard.

This commitment to quality across the board has earned Markilux multiple awards over the years, including the Interior Innovation Award, and iF Design Awards.

Simply put, Markilux awnings are renowned for a reason. German engineering and innovative design has resulted in sales of over 55000 units annually and a place as one of the market leaders.

Take a quick look at why Markilux stand out…

Innovative Solutions

Markilux’s years of experience have helped to inform their decisions when designing new products. Cutting edge design and functionality is what sets Markilux apart from the rest of their market.

Timeless Design

Markilux products have won multiple awards for design, and for good reason. The sleek and effortlessly beautiful range of products are all must-have outdoor installations.

Dynamic Functionality

The well-engineered products are designed to last, and new developments are created with retro-fitting in mind. This means that Markilux products can evolve and incorporate accessories and improvements that have not even been dreamt of yet.

Long-Life Engineering

Extremely high standards across every aspect of production have meant that all Markilux products will last for ‘a small eternity’. Problem-free operation over the years is essential with products of this nature, and Markilux certainly delivers in this domain.

Impressive Safety

Markilux are independently audited to document their adherence to safety standards, across German, UK and European legislation. Peace of mind comes with a piece of beauty.

Knowledgeable Fitters

Our expert fitters are in close communication with Markilux, and have received training from them, to ensure that all Markilux products are installed safely, such that they will deliver the high-quality service expected for many years to come.

All Markilux Awnings

Full Cassette

Semi Cassette

Open Cassette

Large Terrace Covers

Blinds for Conservatories and Roofs

Vertical Blinds for Windows


Full Cassette

Markilux 970 Full Cassette Awning

Markilux 990 Full Cassette Awnings

Markilux 3300 PUR Full Cassette Awning

Markilux 5010 Full Cassette Awnings

Markilux 6000 Full Cassette Awning

Markilux 790 – Side Blind  > Markilux 790 Full Cassette Awning

Semi Cassette

Markilux 1500 Semi Cassette Awning

Markilux 1650 Semi Cassette Awning

Markilux 1710 Stretch Semi Cassette Awning

Markilux ES-1 Semi Cassette Awning

Open Cassette

Markilux 930 Swing Open Cassette Awning

Markilux 1300 Basic Open Cassette Awning

Markilux 1700 Stretch Open Cassette Awning

Large Terrace Covers

Markilux Pergola Large Fixed Terrace Patio Cover

Markilux Syncra Large Fixed Terrace Patio Cover

Blinds for Roofs and Conservatories

Markilux 780 880 Vertical Blind

Markilux 879 Tracfix Vertical Blind

Markilux 8800 Vertical Blind

Markilux 8850 Vertical Blind

Vertical Blinds for Windows

Markilux 710 810 Vertical Window Blind

Markilux 730 830 Vertical Window Blind

Markilux 750 850 Vertical Window Blind


Markilux Awnings Fabric Choices

Markilux Heating and Lighting Options Optional

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