Markilux Awnings

Markilux awnings are the gold standard for the awnings industry, designing and manufacturing every aspect of the awnings they produce. From the gear mechanisms to the high-quality textile covers, Markilux make it themselves, to an excellent high-standard.

This commitment to quality across the board has earned Markilux multiple awards over the years, including the Interior Innovation Award, and iF Design Awards.

Simply put, Markilux awnings are renowned for a reason. German engineering and innovative design has resulted in sales of over 55,000 units annually and a place as one of the market leaders.

Markilux Awnings

Patio and Balcony Awnings | Terrace Covers

Roof & Conservatory Blinds Vertical Blinds

Patio and Balcony Awnings

Award-winning awnings manufactured to the highest standards to create the most premium shading solutions.

The range consists of a huge span of various models that are inclusive of all requirements, from simple shading to more advanced solutions and accessories, including LED lighting options and infrared heating systems.

With hundreds of fabric colours and attractive designs, cassettes of different shapes and customisable colours, and bespoke measurements for each application, the Markilux awning range offers a retractable shading solution for every home’s garden, shop front and commercial environment.

Markilux 970 Markilux 990 Markilux 3300 PUR
Markilux 5010 Markilux 6000 Markilux MX-1
Markilux MX-3
Markilux 1600 Markilux 1600 STRETCH Markilux 1650
Markilux 1710
Markilux 930 SWING Markilux 1300 BASIC Markilux 1700 STRETCH

Terrace Covers

For more advanced solutions, look no further than Markilux’s retractable terrace covers and roof systems.

With the Pergola offering shelter from both the sun and rain, the Syncra providing cover for large commercial applications, and the Markant a luxurious free-standing system, Markilux’s various bespoke options can be tailored to every application.

For the ultimate cover system for your outdoor restaurant, cafe or other commercial seating area, be sure to check out the Markant.

Markilux Pergola Markilux Syncra Markilux Pergola Compact
Markilux Markant

Roof and Conservatory Blinds

Relax under the shelter of your glass veranda with the addition of a retractable blind, perfect for when the sun bright.

Markilux 779 Tracfix Markilux 879 Tracfix Markilux 8800
Markilux 8850

Vertical Blinds

Convenient and adjustable window shading for your home, the Markilux range offers a series of products that provide shading for your home.

This range includes a series of solutions, including drop-down arm awnings and vertical blinds. Providing not only effective shading, the blinds also work to offer privacy for your home.

Markilux 730/830 Markilux 750/850 Markilux 710/810

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