Markilux 879 Tracfix

The Markilux 879 is an under-glass awning, perfect for glass canopies, glassrooms and conservatories. The awning provides shade and atmosphere, whilst protected by the glass itself. Tracfix is available for this awning, a secure guidance system that uses gas pistons and ball bearings to ensure easy and smooth operation.

This protection means the material requires less maintenance, and builds up less dirt and moisture. There is also a reduced need to retract the awning in high winds, as the structure and Tracfix technology hold the awning firmly in place.
Special gas-tensioned springs and retractions gliders ensure a smooth and quiet operation, time after time.

The 879 Tracfix is automated as standard, with further wireless remotes available. This convenience means operation of the awning is simple and hassle-free.

Dimensions of the 879 can be up to 6m wide by a projection of 4.5m, or 4m wide by a projection of 6m. With the Tracfix, the 879 has maximum dimensions of 6m x 4m.

As with all Markilux awnings, a range of fabrics are available in a variety of colours and designs. Sun sensors are also available, which can operate the awning to open in the presence of sunlight. These innovative features help to make an 879 awning truly dynamic and functional within your home.

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