Fixed against the naturally strong wall of a house or garage, each Carport we supply is further reinforced thanks to its structurally simple yet effective supports. Each supporting column offers further reinforcement to the canopy roof ensuring full protection is offered at all times.

The Perfect Low Maintenance Carport!

  • No painting required. and no rotting, rusting or warping
  • Special shapes available to order for uneven building lines
  • Self supporting free standing car ports available with curved or straight roof
  • Larger commercial systems available for caravans or larger vehicles
  • Side hinged garage doors available for the entrance, manual or remote control operated.

Samson P16         Samson P35 Commercial Canopy polycarbonate         

Sun, Wind & Rain – Carports have got it covered


Carports from Samson Awnings are installed with high quality polycarbonate inserts as standard enabling them to cope with harrowing winds & torrential rainfall. Some of our CarPort models are available with toughened safety glass to give both an impressive visual finish and effective canopy cover.

Despite offering less protection than a traditional garage, a Carport more than makes up for this with the ventilation it provides. With no walls (excluding the already existing supporting wall) it offers no obstruction to natural fresh air whilst still offering protection against sun, wind and rain.

There are 3 important factors to take into consideration when measuring for a carport. Width, Projection and Height.

  • Width is the distance along the side of the wall.
  • Projection is the distance the CarPort spans from the supporting wall.
  • Height is the overall height of the Carport structure.

For a simple diagram on measuring for a CarPort, please click here.

Carports Installation Gallery

  • Samson Homestyle carport installed over gated driveway
  • Samson Homestyle carport installed in our Wellingborough showroom
  • Samson Homestyle carport installed over family car in driveway
  • Samson Homestyle Crescent carport
  • Samson Piazza carport installed by Samson Awnings
  • Samson Homestyle carport installed in our Wellingborough showroom
  • Samson Homestyle carport supplied & installed by Samson Awnings
  • Samson Piazza carport with polycarbonate roofing - perfect for letting through any sunlight
  • The Samson Homestyle carport is available at larger heights to allow for caravans

We offer Carports from widths as small as 1m up to widths of 7m. However this does not mean this is the largest width we can achieve – when purchasing larger carports for multiple cars, we are able to couple carports together to achieve any widths possible.

When shopping for the ideal aluminium CarPort, there is nothing worse than finding the perfect one only to realise that it’s restricted sizes will shorten the drive-through width of your driveway. Our Carport systems are available from projections  as small as 1m upto a maximum projection of 3.5m across to allow for the perfect fit on wider driveways.

Buy a high quality car port in aluminium and never have the worry of replacing rotten timber or rapidly discolouring Upvc. All of our aluminium CarPorts are tested to withstand the pressures of the unpredictable British weather to ensure you receive real value for money.

The strength of our car ports is underlined by wind load testing and complete building regulations compliancy.

Built-in rain water guttering allows water to be directed wherever required to avoid flooding. The strong support legs give great strength to the roof system which is built to take our ever changeable UK weather.

Colour Schemes

The finely constructed aluminium frame is available in a choice of any colour on request. As standard, each CarPort is availably in either a white or brown powdercoat finish. Other colours are available on request at an additional surcharge.

The polycarbonate roofing is available in clear glazing, opaque white glazing or clear bronze coated glazing.

CarPorts are becoming evermore popular within the UK as home owners realise that the high quality of cars mean they do not need elaborate shelter such as a garage, but can easily cope with the comparatively low-cost addition of a CarPort Piazza.

Our highly adaptable CarPort systems are available for both domestic and commercial customers due to their large size ranges. Our high quality CarPort’s reach a maximum projection of 3.5m with a maximum width of 7m – perfect for fitting plenty of cars in!

Children love playing outside in the sun with their friends, but the sun is becoming an evermore potent risk to their skin. This is why you need a School & Nursery Piazza System.

Come rain or shine during any month of the year, our School & Nursery Piazza System ensures young children are not exposed to the dangers of the sun and are protected against the rain.

We offer effective sun shading solutions to Nurseries, Infant Schools, Primary Schools, Junior Schools and Senior Schools. Our systems focus on the safety of the children and their wellbeing.

Our installation process provides minimal disruption to the school day and our professional Samson installation team can guarantee a quick installation.