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Freestanding ShadingMore frequently we find that larger covered areas in commercial applications can only be self-supporting and free-standing structures, away from the main buildings.

Whether it is because of the height of the existing building or the simple fact the area is separated, Samson offer solutions in almost limitless purpose made sizes.

Most systems can be either wall mounted or freestanding but when the structure is free standing the supporting framework is the main focus for overall stability and performance.

Free standing shading and rain protection systems can be offered with varying degrees of protection from a simpler large commercial umbrella through to a fully enclosed outdoor room with retractable roof and sides.

We offer either fixed or retractable roof systems depending on the area and what its main purpose is.

A lot of standard and very basic structures sold on the UK market will only offer very light protection from sunlight and not a lot else, all OK for the hottest, calmest days, but simply no good once there is any wind or rainfall.

The range of self-supporting structures offered by Samson are made to order in all ways and designed to offer real protection in almost any weather for a perfect outdoor space for you and your customers. Extra revenue, extra space, extra kudos for your establishment and probably the easiest way to create extra space, often with no planning requirements and expensive building works.


A commercial umbrella is an obvious free-standing product whether it be a cantilever side arm model or a centre pole system. The centre pole supported umbrella will provide far higher wind ratings than a side arm model, so for commercial applications the centre pole is the most popular and also offer the largest sizes, right up to a massive 8m x 6m!! 56 square metres of cover in one umbrella!!

As well as the larger sizes, we also offer umbrellas with very high wind ratings.
The Vortex umbrella is one which can be left open for pretty much all year round with a tested wind rating of over 100km/hour. Stainless steel components and a super tough cover all add up to an umbrella which can protect but also become an advertising banner too…

Our May range of umbrellas offer stylish shapes and sizes with a wide range of colours and base options. LED lighting and infra-red heating also offer the chance to provide a very comfortable space into the evening and for many more months of the year…



electric retractable pergola structuresSamson can offer various super strong aluminium pergola framework systems with retractable electric canopy cover built in. From a more basic and simpler pergola to a more complex system with built in rain guttering at the front and the ability to add sides alongside lighting and heating options, Samson covers all your options.

All our retractable pergolas are electrically operated as standard offering east operation at the push of a button. The main reason large pergolas are electrically operated is because the fabric cover is under a lot of tension for the best stability in wind and the tension would be a very hard manual operation indeed so has never been offered as such…

We offer lean to angled options and more discreet flat roof systems where the basic is either arched or curved to drain the rainwater away to the front or sides.


butterfly awnings on large outdoor terraceThe ‘butterfly awning’ is a term used to describe various options of a simple goal post system with two or more awnings fixed retracting on either side to create cover.
It is a very big selling and popular product for Samson due to the versatile nature of the simple goal post system. Manufactured from a large profile aluminium goalpost the supporting structure can either be bolted to a concrete pad in the ground or sit surface mounted using very large weight boxes.

The largest single size for our Syncra system is 7m wide and fitted with two awnings, each at 4m projection you now have a covered space of 56 square metres. However, you can couple the system and line up for far larger coverage if required. The awnings retract completely into a cassette to leave a goalpost structure when not in use. This structure can be fitted with LED lighting and infra-red heating to provide lighting and warmth in the evenings and cooler months of the year.

The awnings used are specified depending on individual requirements and can be manual or electrically operated as required.


shaded outdoor area by the coastThe Syncra Uno is a perfect solution when there is very little to fix a retractable awning to either directly in front of a building or in open space areas.

It is a super strong goalpost structure offering the ability to fix any type of awning to along with lighting and heating if required.

Manual or electric operation awning as required.


large roof top terrace covered by Markilux Markant pergola systemSamson offer a wide range of various self-supporting structures which have a flat roof design and are capable of being a modular structure with many options to enclose further when and if required. Self-supporting and with various retractable roof options for these structures are a fantastic way to provide all year-round protection from sun, wind and rain when specified correctly.

Built in rainwater management to ensure there are no waterfalls at any side, the system can direct rainwater down the supporting posts and out on the ground or join an existing drainage system.

Often specified with LED lighting and many different types of low cost running infra-red heaters, the ‘outdoor’ room principal has truly provided a great way for easy high quality additional space on existing outdoor patios, gardens or roof terraces.


bioclimatic louvre roomsSimilar in principle to the Outdoor Room as mentioned above the Louvre Roof system is a system replacing the retractable fabric roof with aluminium blades which twist when operated to be opened and let light and air in and out or closed to form the closest thing to a finished ceiling in any room.

Lighting, heating and many options for closing in the open sides using sliding glass doors, vertical blinds, fabric sliding doors and fixed options, all to create the perfect outdoor structure for you and your guests.

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How can I order? Our approach

For many years we’ve helped our domestic and commercial awning and canopy customers.

How can I order? Our approach

1. Take several pictures of the area where you are looking to create an outdoor space.
2. Send your images with your details.
3. Tell us a little about what you want to achieve e.g. sun protection, rain protection, all year round use of space and so on.
4. If you have any preferences already, things such as retractable, fixed or both in one system. Don’t worry if you haven’t as we can advise and guide you later if needed. Read more

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