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The Markilux Syncra is an innovative yet unique terrace cover framework system. It is a simple self-supporting stand-alone aluminium structure which can carry one or two independently operated retractable patio awnings installed on either side.

This product can be installed in a diverse style of locations ranging from domestic outdoor entertaining areas & patio terrace covers to commercial gardens, child care covers, restaurants, clubs and more.

Markilux Syncra outdoor restaurant seating areaThe Markilux Syncra offers all year round sun, wind and rain protection which is why it has proven to be so popular within both the domestic and commercial markets.

The standard, simple yet effective design of the Markilux Syncra allows it to become the solution to many patio shading needs.

The Markilux Syncra is not only designed to block the sun and protect from the rain, but it can also create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in the open air in your favourite spot.

Despite just being a frame system similar to a set of goalposts, the way the Markilux Syncra is constructed allows for the easy installation of any 2 awnings of your choice from our extensive range of Markilux awnings.

This includes the Markilux 6000Markilux 5010, Markilux 1500 and Markilux 990.

Syncra with yellow fabric This awning frame system is constructed with round-shaped aluminium support posts. This allows for the structure to be supported by a pair of square foot plates on either side of the Markilux Syncra or by the stabilisation boxes also available for this system giving more flexibility in relocation when required.

Not only for commercial applications. The Markilux Syncra offers a range of convincing solutions. A large number of awning models in various designs as well as optional accessories such as lighting, shadeplus, infra red heating and a whole lot more can be chosen to complement the Markilux Syncra.

The unobtrusive frame legs are positioned at each end of the top frame to allow for more space underneath. Heating and lighting is easily added to this super strong framework to create the perfect outdoor area.

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Below are shown the various standard options available for installing the Syncra framework system, whether it be a permanent fixture or semi permanent using the weighted stabilisation boxes with the ‘Flex‘ systems which also can double up as seating, flower beds or a decorative divider for an outdoor area.

Syncra Fix

The awnings frame system with round shaped support posts for two folding-arm awnings. Stylish protection from the sun and the vagaries of the weather catering for large areas.

A large number of models are available. This system is bolted onto a concrete pad required for each support post to ensure the most stable support in high winds.

Syncra Fix
Syncra Uno Fix Syncra Uno Fix

The awnings frame system with round shaped support posts for one folding-arm awning.

The Markilux Syncra fix is the solution for those buildings where the customer either does not want an awning to be installed or it is simply not possible to do so. Once again it does require a solid foundation to bolt to.

Syncra Fix (with Pergola)

The awning frame system Markilux Syncra in combination with the Markilux Pergola 110 or 210 offers sun and all-round weather protection over a large area supported by slender posts and using lateral guide tracks.

The fabric cover can be ‘zipped’ into the side channels to provide far higher wind stability and ensure rainwater is directed to the front and not over the sides.

Syncra Fix with pergola
Syncra Uno Fix with pergola Syncra Uno Fix (with Pergola)

The awning frame system Markilux Syncra Uno in combination with the Markilux Pergola 110 or 210 offers sun protection over a large area for houses where it is either preferred that an awning not be fitted or it is simply not possible to install one.

Again the Pergola 210 offers far higher stability than normal retractable awning systems as it is secured in at the sides as well as the back and front.

Syncra Flex 2

Stable, free-standing awning frame with attractively shaped aluminium posts showing exceptional purity of design.

The boxes, weighted for stability, (shown in the illustration on the right) can be decorated in your own individual style and can be put to many uses – seating, decorative or flowerbeds.

Syncra Flex 2
Syncra Uno Flex 2 Syncra Uno Flex 2

The practical awning stand for one folding-arm awning. Can be placed wherever you like. The alternative to face fixture.

The boxes, weighted for stability (shown in the illustration on the right) can be decorated in your own individual style and can be put to many uses.

There are a large number of different Markilux awnings that can be used in conjunction with a Markilux Syncra framework, a couple of which you find information on below:

Markilux 990+ Markilux 1600
Markilux 5010 Markilux 6000

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How can I order? Our approach

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3. Tell us a little about what you want to achieve e.g. sun protection, rain protection, all year round use of space and so on.
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