Markilux 5010 retractable awning

Markilux 5010 | The Universal Option

Slender | Fully-Enclosed | Stylish | Strong | Quality

 It can be used in both domestic and commercial scenarios.

The 5010 is a superb full cassette awning manufactured by world renowned high quality manufacturers Markilux. Accredited for its slender, stylish appearance, the Markilux 5010 leads the way as one of the strongest full cassette patio awnings on the UK market at present.

Its perfectly uniform appearance is achieved with an aluminium cover profile and cassette in matching colours combined with the slim cassette awning in a stylish design.

This fantastic awning provides an attractive addition to any building, even down to the smallest details such as designer brackets. It can be used in both domestic and commercial scenarios and is effective in both markets;

  • for domestic use, it provides a great source of sun and rain protection for the family and can be used to take full advantage of your outdoor spaces – this could include dining space, a reading area, somewhere to sit and watch the children play in the garden, an entertaining area or simply somewhere to sit and gather thoughts at the end of the day.
  • for commercial use, this awning can provide sheltered areas for diners wishing to enjoy the ‘al fresco’ lifestyle and dine outdoors, in beer gardens, on shop fronts, in schools and for smokers affected by the UK smoking ban.


Markilux 5010 casetteFeatures of the Markilux 5010

It’s beauty is not just for short term either; it maintains its dominant colour scheme for long-lasting elegance by being powder coated during the manufacturing process.

The Markilux 5010 awning is available with the ShadePlus to obtain more sun protection and privacy when required.

ShadePlus is a retractable valance system to protect from the sun when a low lying early morning/late evening sun gets in your eyes. This is available on request. Please specify your interest when speaking to us.

5010 polished chrome fittings

Polished chrome fittings Optionally available and without surcharge, the chrome-look end caps are fitted to the front profile for a sleek look.

Markilux shadeplus

markilux Shadeplus Enjoy relaxing on the patio even when the sun is low, simply drop down the valance for additional, convenient shading.

Our range of awnings are all available in non-standard RAL colours on request although there are 7 standard colours. All the Markilux fabric covers are also available; they can be viewed here as a downloaded PDF file.

Accessories and Optional Extras

Somfy Connexoon

New for 2019 // Somfy Connexoon


Vibrabox Sensor

LED Spotline

LED Spotline Lighting

Infra-red Heating

Infrared Heating

Design Features

  • The slim cassette awning with design lines from the design studio.
  • The cover profile is the same colour as the cassette; this provides for a homogeneous appearance even when the awning is extended.
  • Attractive, rounded end caps complete the overall appearance of this slim cassette awning.
  • For long-lasting attractiveness, the awning has been powder coated.
  • Attractive brackets down to the last detail.

Technical Highlights

  • Due to its superior design, the Markilux 5010 belongs to the sturdiest and most stable of awnings on the market in spite of its slender shape.
  • Front profile with integrated gutter and hidden water drainage spouts.
  • When closed, the folding arms are protected from the weather by the cassette.
  • The extremely sturdy awning construction makes it possible to shade even very large areas safely.
  • The 85mm roller tube ensures the highest rigidity and the best possible cover winding characteristics even at the largest widths.

Despite it’s petite presence, this retractable awning can safely cover very large areas.Markilux 5010

The Markilux 5010 awning is both visually and technically sound. The front profile of this awning is built with an integrated gutter system and hidden water drainage sprouts to evenly distribute water should it start raining; perfect for those outdoor parties often spoilt by rain! When closed, the folding arms are protected from the elements by the cassette ensuring they are not overly exposed to moisture making sure moss and rust don’t appear.

This awning is available in both electric and manual operation. A hard-wired motor drive (available with automatic controls and handheld transmitters as an option) is supplied for simple, relaxed electric operation with wireless remote control accessories to enable safety and flexibility in controlling your awning day and night. Optional RTS motors offer the convenience of accessories with remote control. Items such as remote handsets, wind, sun and rain sensors, timers and the Vibrabox all add safety and convenience to your patio awning.

In the case of manual operation, ease of use is provided with a spring-assisted gearbox option for larger sizes.

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