The need for a commercial business to extend their premises outdoors has dramatically increased since 2020. This demand for adaptable space is leading many to look to their immediate outdoor area, which is only ever used when the weather is dry and warm, so not often enough.

Samson Awnings offer a vast range of commercial grade retractable pergola structures, all made to measure and designed for medium to larger areas. These offer the ability to cover large areas of garden, patio or terrace areas all year round, but with the advantage of being able to retract the fabric roof in the finer weather. The retractable roof systems we offer are designed to deal with the diverse UK weather, and can be used to their full potential when coupled with elements to protect the sides of your space and when used with heating and lighting accessories.

retractable fabric roof pergola at restaurant location terrace area with multi canopy system


A perfect solution for protection from the sun, wind and rain for most of the year round.

Flexibility in sun, wind and rain protection with fixed and retractable side infill options

Shading from the intense sun without blocking out natural light and ability to partially shade if required with partial roof opening.

Massive choice of fabrics, PVC and aluminium for roof. Many fabrics are 100% waterproof

Provides a designated and defined area outside to sit and people to use

Integrated rainwater guttering for convenient dispersal away from the area

Optional LED lighting, infra red heating and other enhancements

Creates a perfect PR opportunity for your business and a new space to promote and offer as exclusive or reservations only

Excellent returns on the investment with the additional covers created and longer periods of use throughout the year.


The standard types of retractable pergolas we offer are a lightweight aluminum framework with a choice of retractable fabric systems, either designed to direct rainwater to the front or sides and either wall mounted or stand alone in the design.

These pergola systems have limited ability to infill the side and front sections as they are designed with minimal framework and no rainwater guttering system in use.

We offer both a wall mounted sloping range and then a stand alone flat roof range designed for fitting separately to any building and with a flat roof structure but the actual fabric roof cover is either curved or slightly sloping for rainwater dispersal to the sides.


Erhardt PM System


As these do not have a retracting folding arm system it is also possible to have much larger projections, up to 6 metres and 13.9 metres wide in a coupled system.

The framework structures are high quality aluminium, with powder coated finishing and always made to measure sizes.

They can either be installed directly onto an existing structural wall or steel work or be a stand alone structure, with 4 or more support posts providing the structure base. These systems are ideal for light to medium rainfall and wind speeds up to Beaufort scale 5-6, at which point nobody would want to be outdoors anyway.

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Our enhanced aluminium pergola structures offer greater levels of optional weather protection for the sides and front and also deal with the roof rainwater dispersal via guttering systems integrated into the top profiles.

Where customers require higher levels of weather protection and greater resistance to heavier rain and wind, these systems are perfect and can be fitted with the further enhancements added at a later date and even coupled together for even larger coverage.


Wall mounted canopies and pergolas offer a seamless integration into the outdoor space from inside the building. We offer traditional sloping and also flat roof versions of these systems and each one will have a fabric cover with a rainwater dispersal system taking the rainwater to the front of the system and then away at lower level.


Our stand alone retractable roof structures offer ultimate flexibility in positioning with self supporting posts and a finished structure capable of additional side infills to suit and further enhance the weather protection. Glass sliding walls and doors, vertical fabric blinds and aluminium louvre blade options, all helping provide the most comfortable atmosphere inside the structure when in use.



For an outdoor, uninsulated room there really isn’t a product which can truly offer all year round weather protection because there will be days, or more likely evenings, where the damp, the cold and the wind and rain will be making it impossible to heat an uninsulated outdoor room effectively. However, all the outdoor systems we have ever sold are for use in the better 8-10 months of the average year, extending the outdoor space use by at least 4 months in most cases.


You can protect from the intense rays of the summer sun with 100% UV protection from the right fabric choice.

Protect yourself from the intense rays of the summer sun with 100% UV protection.
Enjoy cooler and more comfortable outdoor spaces under your fixed structure.
Preserve the color and quality of your furniture and decorations with UV-resistant fabrics.
Ensure compliance with safety regulations in commercial and public spaces with flame-resistant fabrics.
Enhance the durability and lifespan of your shading solution with high-quality protective fabrics.Page DividerRAIN PROTECTION

You can protect from the rainfall with 100% waterproof fabrics and fixed glass roof options.
Rotating aluminium louvre blades can also achieve this, but a lot of budget price systems will not and 100% water resistance cannot be guaranteed, but a rainfall rating can be provided with a maximum rainfall rate testing.

The real problem with heavy rain is the dispersal of the rainwater, so for all commercial applications it is imperative to ensure the rain guttering systems are of a sufficient size to deal with heavier rainfall and also the effective dispersal at lower levels.
Manage your expectations with the reality and the potential issue of overflowing guttering at some point during the year as our rain showers get heavier in the UK. It can happen as it does with your normal guttering on your buildings and home.Page Divider


Perhaps the biggest enemy of a lot of outdoor weather protection solutions?
The cooling effects of an evening wind is what droves most people indoors but you can take far more control of this with any numbers of retractable or even fixed infills to the sides or font of many of our pergola systems.

We can offer umbrellas with ratings of over 100km/h which can be left out for most of the year with waterproof fabric covers.

We can offer solid aluminium structures with retractable fabric and bladed roof systems. These have very high wind ratings. The side infills vary from sliding glass walls, external vertical blinds, rotating aluminium louvres and solid aluminum panelling.

We can offer fabric and glass windbreak systems which are retractable or rising so can be adjusted to suit the weather and wind.


From Planning to Installation Made Easy

1. Initial Contact

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2. Price Proposal

We will then send you a price proposal to review, and make changes if required. We can also do some initial visuals.

3. Site Survey

Once you are 100% happy, we will arrange a site survey to check dimensions and to ensure the specifications are suitable.

4. Installation

We will complete your installation and handover a professionally installed product which will have guarantees in place for added peace of mind.


How can I order? Our approach

For many years we’ve helped our domestic and commercial awning and canopy customers.

How can I order? Our approach

1. Take several pictures of the area where you are looking to create an outdoor space.
2. Send your images with your details.
3. Tell us a little about what you want to achieve e.g. sun protection, rain protection, all year round use of space and so on.
4. If you have any preferences already, things such as retractable, fixed or both in one system. Don’t worry if you haven’t as we can advise and guide you later if needed. Read more

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