Markilux Pergola retractable fabric outdoor canopy

Markilux Pergola Retractable Terrace Cover

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The Markilux Pergola defines the next stage of outdoor weather protection for your home when a normal retractable awning is simply not enough. The Pergola is a bespoke, high-tech, retractable, electric operated fabric roof system offering very large coverage.

Slender aluminium posts make the Pergola stand out from the crowd, with lateral guide tracks directing and securing the fabric, maintaining optimum tension on the cover. The strength these guides provide gives the Pergola an astoundingly high wind rating; usable up to Beaufort 6 scale winds. The Pergola can also provide impressive rain protection when pitched at suitable angles.

Available up to six metres wide, and with a projection of also up to six metres, the Markilux Pergola can cover a large area, providing shade and protection for large terraces. Up to three units can be coupled together, creating the possibility to cover a staggering 18 metres across!

Manufactured using high quality aluminium, the Pergola frame provides a superbly strong support. The support posts can be set-in by up to one metre when installing, increasing the versatility of applications. The aluminium side channels, support posts and full cassette cover will all match perfectly with your chosen colour and finish.

Telescopic Posts

Markilux Pergola coupled with telescopic support posts

The angle of the fabric cover can be manually adjusted with an optional telescopic post on one or both support posts, which enables the front cover to be lowered by up to 400mm. This can be done to deal with low-lying sun or to direct rainwater in a particular direction.

When two systems are coupled together there are three posts, meaning if the end two posts are telescopic they can be adjusted to create an apex roof angle (as pictured below).

Posts are available in a round or square profile, supplied at 2.5m as standard, with up to a maximum of 3m available optionally. The posts are cut on site to obtain the correct height required.


ShadePlus is a retractable drop-down valance, essentially a vertical blind, for the front profile of the Markilux Pergola awning. This valance can be lowered by up to 2.3 metres, helping to protect from low sun, provide extra privacy, or shield from unwanted breezes.

The fabric is weighted at the bottom edge with an aluminium powder coated bar.

Markilux Shadeplus drop down valance for additional shading and privacy

Markilux Shadeplus

The vertical protection against sun and prying eyes – up to 230 cm in height – creates a private room outdoors with its own special ambience

Markilux Sundrive solar power solution

Markilux sundrive

An integrated solar panel drives the Shadeplus motor (optional). When the awning is extended the front profile and the guide tracks match one another perfectly

LED Lighting

Make the most of your Pergola, even when it’s dark. Built-in lighting is available with either LED spotlights on a support tube, or the ‘LED Line’, a diffused light bar system.

Both options create excellent and inviting lighting for entertaining in the evenings, or just enjoying a quiet evening on the terrace. The dimmable lights can be controlled from the same handset as the Pergola itself, for the ultimate convenience.

LED Lighting to enhance your outdoor living space into the night


Light for reading or informal get-togethers, optionally in the guide tracks and/or in the cover support tube, turns your night into day.

LED lighting spotsLED lighting

Suspended from the cassette, on the wall or in the front profile: LED spotlights that can be pivoted and dimmed create a lovely atmosphere on your patio in the evening.

Stabilisation Boxes

If support posts cannot be fitted with suitable foundations, then stabilisation boxes are available to provide ample support for the posts. These aluminium boxes are finished in a range of available colours, standing at 450mm x 450mm, 525mm high.

Stabilisation boxes for weighted support of posts

Stabilisation Boxes

Give your Markilux pergola reliable stability, when fitting the front posts to foundations is not possible or desired

Square support

Square support / Base plate covers

meets the demand for clear, angular shapes and a clean finish at the base of the front support posts.


The Pergola is a bespoke system in size, colour, and operation method, as well as the numerous extras and accessories. When ordering with Samson Awnings, delivery from the manufacturer in Germany will be approximately four weeks.

The maximum width sizes refer to the awning, meaning the overall width may be slightly larger when fully installed with guides and posts.


Markilux PergolaPlease note that the Pergola is not suitable for a basic DIY installation, as technical knowledge is required when installing the fabric cover tensioning system. The cassette is also extremely heavy, requiring a safe lifting method up to the desired installation position on the wall.

The front aluminium support posts require correct installation onto a solid and suitable ground surface, preferably with a concrete pad underneath. This pad is to deal with any levels of stress caused by windy conditions. The stabilisation box is available as an alternative, as mentioned.

Samson Awnings can offer professional installation throughout most parts of the UK, although costings can vary between sites. Please provide details and images of the site, including the intended fitting position, in order for us to provide an accurate installation price.

Further Notes

When looking for an awning wider than five metres and/or with a projection of more than 3.5 metres, the Pergola should always be considered as a front runner.

For single story installations, the Pergola places less pressure and stress on the brackets and cassette, distributing the weight of the system more efficiently. This is favourable when trying to reduce risk for single story applications.

The Pergola is ideal for outdoor commercial spaces, as it bridges the gap between a conventional awning, an umbrella, and a fully enclosed outdoor room. It is also significantly cheaper than the latter. The Pergola will create a pleasant, inviting and functional covered area suitable for use in most conditions, for large portions of the year. It truly is an ‘al fresco’ entertaining area. 

Introducing the NEW markilux Pergola Compact

Markilux Pergola Compact retractable fabric roof

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