Bioclimatic Pergola


Take control of the weather, enjoy the outdoors and all the benefits to your health and wellbeing. Effortless and instant control at the simple touch of a button…

A bioclimatic pergola system is one of the ultimate outdoor structures providing control over the sun, wind, and rain for most of the year round. You take control and you decide on the amount of sunshine, warm or cool breezes you let into your outdoor dream space throughout the day and nighttime.

High quality aluminium profiles and louvre blades provide the perfect overall design and integrity for any of our Bioclimatic pergola models. Slight differences make large overall gains over lower quality DIY systems and the safety and overall performance is key to the enjoyment of what should be a serious investment for your home and garden outdoor space.

It needs to look good, but also perform all the time with quiet perfection in the blade movements.


Any of the pergolas we offer from Samson are also used and specified by us for many commercial projects we undertake whether that be a larger outdoor covered area for a hotel or restaurant or a covered area for any outdoor area such as a school or office.

The pergolas we offer have been designed, tested, manufactured, and perfected in Northern European climates, namely Germany, France, or Holland, so the specifications are designed for dealing with all types of weather, something we know all too well in the UK. Bioclimatic Pergolas are designed to protect from the intense sunshine, but also deal with rain and wind too. Rainwater is also collected and taken away through an internal drainage system down to lower levels avoiding splashing.

Depending how you build up the overall specification will decide to what level you manage the various climates we experience. Open sides, one side closed, all side closed in and so on…

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Bioclimatic Pergola
Bioclimatic pergola


Any of our pergolas can be either wall mounted to extend out from a building, or free standing to provide a separate space or avoid fixing onto a building.
You can decide on various enclosure products for one side or all open sides which then enables you to close the open sides in windy weather or heavier rainfall.


Most customers will have at least one side fitted with an enclosure product and usually on a side which has the prevailing wind or greatest exposure. Any of the products can be fitted later if you wanted to experience some time with your new pergola system before deciding.


A popular option and with an enormous choice of various fabrics you can make a nice internal space protected from the wind and rain.

The best electric blinds are ‘zip’ blinds where the fabric is kept taught at either side by being zipped into the special side guides.

Vertical Blind for pergola
Sliding Glass Doors for Pergola


Another extremely popular option and you can indeed have both the glass doors and the blinds to control low sun or give more privacy. The sliding glass doors offer great wind and rain protection but give maximum light and vision.

The glass doors are usually 10mm single glazed units and made to measure to suit the width of the opening.


An option for any or all sides and we can offer security specific versions of these if required so you can even lock up your ‘outdoor room’ and know it is very safe indeed with our bespoke aluminium louvre shutters.

These shutters can be sliding or bi folding in their action depending on your preferences. Fully closed, partially open or 90 degrees open for air flow and light control.


Louvre Shutters for pergola


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Outdoor living is now an amazingly fast developing part of British culture, even starting to catch up now with our European neighbours, who have enjoyed the outdoors far more for many years already with all the various awnings, canopies, and pergolas available.

Spending more quality time outdoors, whilst protected from the sun, wind, and rain when necessary is now far more acceptable and possible than before with the vast range of outdoor living products and accessories, including lighting heating and furniture. Of course, the health benefits are also obvious now, especially since the Covid pandemic hit our shores and we all understood the higher risks of being indoors, enclosed with the same air for prolonged periods…

Your ultimate outdoor space must be defined with a centre piece focus, around which all other items are used. The bioclimatic pergola is one of those centre piece products, able to provide serious protection and cover for small, medium, or large size areas. It is a proper investment in expanding your home living space and creating a quality space for family, friends, and yourself to relax or entertain inside.

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Bioclimatic Pergola Most of our pergola systems are made to measure in every dimension to provide the perfect fit for any space. We can even offer unusual shapes if required with operating blades in most cases. We can also combine retractable fabric systems with rotating blades if required.

Most models can be coupled together to cover a maximum size of 24 metres in one direction or 18 metres in another using 4 units. The maximum size for one unit is 7 metres x 4.5m and the height can be decided on depending on the site conditions and requirements.
Wall mounted or freestanding, with a choice of ground fixing methods, these systems are designed to withstand serious weather changes during the year.

We offer a minimum of around 60 standard colour choices for the framework and the blades can be a different colour if required. The Powdercoat finishing is of the highest quality for long lasting performance and durability.


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The design, quality and integration of key components is what makes the difference between just average and excellent in any technical product, especially when it is a product for use outside in the huge climate variations we experience here in the UK.

The quality of the aluminium framework and basic propositions is where it starts. The framework has to deal with huge forces, especially in high winds. The size and gauge of aluminium sections used contribute to the structural integrity before you add anything else to the side or roof. Integrated rainwater guttering systems should be of sufficient size to deal with heavier rainfall and ensure the fastest dispersal to the ground and away.

All the systems we propose have guttering systems which are accessible for maintenance when required.

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The roof blades and their size and strength are another major factor for durability. We only ever suggest the highest quality systems using larger and often double layered blades with high quality Powdercoat finishing so just like the framework the system looks good for many years to come. The motor and drive system for the blades is also important and the ability to be able to service if required in the future with replaceable parts. You might find some systems are extremely noisy when operating. The Samson ranges are all low noise as standard.

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Weinor ArtaresGlass Silding Doors   Glass Sliding Doors for Bioclimatic Pergola

All our sliding glass doors only use the highest quality runner systems and clear 8 or 10mm fully compliant safety glass for stability and safety.

The doors should be easy to operate and lockable if required.


Another major factor is the addition of lighting and the ability to service lighting in the future.

The lighting really ought to be controllable and include dimming because proper LED lighting will have all the ability to light up your outdoor room and not be just ‘mood’ lighting.

Serviceable parts and high quality light dispersal with a choice of positioning is all important when the systems get larger.

Infra-red heating also is desirable but again should be positioned in the right place and have a decent output of heat with dimmable options.

Overall, when investing in a sizeable space for your outdoor living area at home or in your business the quality of the structure and all moving and electronic parts go towards what to expect when using the system.

The longevity and ongoing reliability all depend on a truly manufactured and engineered system which has been tested and already gone through rigorous development in a country where the climate is the same as ours.

Look towards systems manufactured in Germany, Holland, and France.

Heating for pergola Outdoor Pergola in the evening Evening Pergola


If you have taken the plunge and partially or fully enclosed your bioclimatic roof system to create an ‘outdoor room’ then you need to consider the LED lighting and heating options to take you well into the evenings.

Adjustable lighting with a choice of positions within either the roof or the supporting framework ensures you have complete control over the internal lighting, all controlled from the same handset as the roof blades.

Lighting for pergola Pergola view to the pool Lighting under the pergola


To create the best chance of a balanced atmosphere underneath and inside your new outdoor room then you will need to prevent the cooling effects of the wind. As the afternoon merges into the evening, we all know what those cooler breezes feel like outside. The various retractable and fixed products available to close in one or all the side will make an enormous difference to the time you can spend in comfort outside. Just like the windbreak on the beach, stopping the wind will make things far more pleasant in all temperatures.

Of course, with a retractable fabric blind as the side infill you can use this for also controlling the heat from the lower sun in the hotter months of the year.

For the ultimate control over the temperature when it cools down consider any of the high quality infra-red heating systems available. These systems only warm up solid surfaces and not the air in-between so your skin feels the comfort and benefit, but the overall efficiency is flet not only in the speed of delivery of the heat but also in the low running costs.

Simply switch on or off by remote control and for some models control the level of heat being delivered too. Safe, simple, and efficient heating to provide comfort.


Any of the louvre roof systems we supply are designed for use in commercial applications as well as domestic, so not only can we offer made to measure sizes, we also can offer large sizes too for the larger terraces and patios. Odd shapes can be accommodated to ensure complete coverage around corners and onto corners and where the area isn’t square and uneven to the building.

For a single unit, the maximum size is 31.5 square metres with a maximum single span of 7m on one side. Coupling the units together in many ways enables sizes of up to 24 metres to be achieved with 4 units coupled in transverse direction and then 18 metres in longitudinal direction, again with 4 units coupled together.

The fact most of our higher end models can achieve a 7m span using only 2 posts is a major factor in so many applications. The positioning of the support posts and use as rainwater dispersal can be critical in many applications where the site conditions dictate and cannot be adjusted. We make the system to suit the site when required.

large pergola commerical Pergola for restaurant Pergola next to the pool


WEinor ArtaresWhen we say “Smart Control’ effectively this has 2 meanings for a louvre roof system. The system has its own smart management from sensors so it can close in rainfall, open in hot temperatures and basically either protect itself in extreme weather conditions or provide logical temperature control inside when unattended. The system has its own smart control.

In another context it is fully possible to connect your new electric bioclimatic pergola system and all its accessories to a smart home system, whether that be a Somfy system or one of our other brands depending on pergola choice. You can then control your outdoor system from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet…


Bioclimatic Pergolas are one of the newest systems to hit the UK recently. Their popularity has been fuelled during the recent pandemic with outdoor living and the obvious desire to be outside more during an outbreak of Covid. Other pergola systems exist and are far more suitable for your needs so make sure you investigate other structures which can provide high quality outdoor cover and enclosed outdoor rooms.

What we would advise is proper research into what you think you might be getting with any outdoor structure or pergola because there has been an influx of cheap DIY systems into the UK, but they are not all fit for our super diverse weather now and may disappoint very quickly. Fixing anything large outside in this country and expecting it to deal with sun, wind, rain, extreme moisture changes in the atmosphere and sudden unexpected gusts and even mini cyclones requires some proper thought if you want it to last for many years.

As already mentioned, any claims of 100% waterproof and use ‘All year round’ are simply not possible with any outdoor room or structure, budget, or luxury. Occasionally rainwater will find its way in when the weather is extreme. What is obvious though is there are now many fantastic high quality products which enable you to use your garden, terrace, or patio far more than ever before and far more than most conservatories could ever be used.

Controlling air flow, sunlight, the heating effects of the sun and cooling effects of the wind is all extremely easy with the right system, and this means you can genuinely enjoy being outdoors in ‘most’ weathers and for ‘most’ of the year round. These pergolas also give great additional space for most households or businesses, unlike any other spaces in the home and all created easily and quickly too, without the need for planning permission and building control regulations and all the expense associated with it.


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