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These Samson bioclimatic louvered roof systems are a new and unique product. Designed with aluminium blades that tilt and rotate, they can be used to let in sun or provide shelter from its rays.

Louvred roof bladesThe blades are allowed to be tilted to a fully closed position in order to provide a solid roof, and as the blades are electrical this is all done through a remote control and motor, which operates incredibly smoothly. The blades make up most of the roof structure and have a rotational scope from closed to open, 0° to 135°.

The blades are also watertight, ensuring not a single drop gets through. Like many other roof systems, they contain integrated drainage pipes built into the support legs. They allow rainwater to drain directly into the ground beneath, or into existing drainage systems, keeping the area beneath these systems dry, safe, and protected, with no splashes or water flooding off the sides.

The blades within the louvered pergola can be insulated with expanded polystyrene in order to greatly reduce the sound created from rain striking the roof. A common misconception is that a metal roof will be noisier than other types of roofing. When installed this way,  a louvered roof will actually silence noise from rain, hail and bad weather, many times much better than other roofing materials.

Bioclimatic louvered roof systems are perfect for both the domestic and commercial market, as they are ideal for anyone looking to find an effective and innovative, yet cost-efficient shading solution. It provides a stylish and impressive area that will wow your friends, family, staff, customers, or guests with it’s aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Like many of our other products, they are built with a modular design, allowing you to incorporate additional protection from vertical blinds, louvered walls and glass walls for further protection against any sort of weather, as well as also having more privacy


Bioclimatic louvered roof systems offer a fantastic return on investment for owners who are seeking to increase their valuable outdoor space and have a variety of features and options.

The blade system is far stronger and more wind-resistant than a fabric roof solution. These systems are according to UNI EN 13561 and 1932 Standards.

LED Lighting is also available on request, and can even be built into the blades. This allows you to easily use your system and outside space later into the night. This is also available with dimming and colour changing available if required.

Heating systems are also available upon request. Infrared heaters provide a targeted heating technique that saves up to 30% energy compared to normal heating systems.

All of our Bioclimatic louvered Roof Systems can be enclosed on one or even all of its sides, with folding or sliding glass doors and various standard or zip blind closures.

Louvred roof with adjustable sides for sun protection Louvred roof system, adjustable sides during storm Louvred roof system with sliding glass doors for rain protection Louvred roof system with lighting and heating options


Bioclimatic louvered roof systems are modular design units that are available in multiple designs with the largest single unit covering up to five metres x seven metres, although this can be greatly extended by installing multiple units together to cover larger areas. The modular design of the system enables total freedom with a wide range of possible combinations including vertical or aluminium louvres for additional protection at the sides.


Free standing structure for maximum installation flexibility If you require greater flexibility in the positioning of the system on site, then they can be designed with minimal supporting posts to provide that extra flexibility needed.

Quite often varying building and roof eaves levels mean that it is very difficult to fix anything to the building itself and a self supporting structure is then ideal.


Samson Wall mounted louvered roof systemWall mounted bioclimatic louvered roof systems can create a perfect extension of a living or dining area and for this perfect extension the system needs to be part of the room it extends from, and this is where wall mounted versions are more appropriate. A simple wall plate is used to fix to the wall to which the roof and supports are then installed.

The further enhancement using infill products for the sides and front means the system can provide an all year round weather protected area with even further enhancement through built in lighting and healing units all controllable from a radio handset.

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How can I order? Our approach

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