When it comes to umbrellas for your garden or patio Samson offer a range which assures you of a high-quality specification and construction. Umbrellas manufactured to deal with wind speeds which exceed the wind which is comfortable to be outdoors anyway can be a great and flexible sunshade solution. We offer our umbrellas with 3 different types of support method and multiple sizes and shapes…

Centre Pole | Cantilever Support | Side Arm Support

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The Traditional Umbrella support method.

Parasols And Umbrellas We offer the highest quality centre pole supported commercial and domestic umbrellas with timber, aluminium, and stainless-steel support poles and usually the same materials in the construction of the canopy struts, supports, and associated parts. A centre pole umbrella is the sturdiest type of umbrella for use outdoors and has the highest wind ratings to refer to. It also offers the largest sizes for the canopy cover and enables many different shapes too.

In Ground or Free-Standing Support

The neatest and sturdiest method for supporting the centre pole umbrella is an in-ground steel sleeve, which is usually concreted into the ground to offer a sturdy and easy slot for the umbrella pole to slide into. In the winter, or when there might be a large storm forecast, the umbrella can be removed and stored safely inside. For the very largest umbrellas, which have storm proof ratings, the concrete required can be substantial, but for most medium size umbrellas it is a simple DIY job.

The free-standing base concept enables the umbrella to be moved but also avoids groundworks which may be a problem in sensitive areas like Central London. There are so many different shapes and sizes of free-standing bases we can offer, which are either a steel framework, designed to take precast concrete slabs for the weight, or they are precast concrete or granite bases in various designs and weights to suit umbrella size.

High Quality

One of the best features for all our domestic and commercial umbrellas is the simple fact they are manufactured to very high-quality levels and have totally replaceable parts, so you can be assured of a super long-life span when investing in any of the umbrellas we offer. Damaged or worn parts can be replaced in the future.

Most of the umbrellas are suitable for domestic or commercial use. It is simply getting the size and shape right for your requirements. The fabrics used are also of the highest quality and grade and offer various higher level UV protection.


Umbrosa May Umbrella Tradewinds Vortex

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More Space Underneath Solution.

Cantivelver Support The cantilever umbrella offers very flexible sun shading, with the main canopy hanging out over fresh air to give you better use and uninterrupted space for a table or seating.

The umbrella can also swivel to move around the full circle, but also tilts to provide better sunshade when the sun lays lower in the day.

The key to a good cantilever umbrella is the overall construction and a very sturdy in ground or heavy free-standing base.

You will have seen so many bargain cantilever umbrellas in garden centres and online for sure, but we can guarantee that most of them have such limited use and are sold at quite small sizes.

Our cantilever umbrellas offer aluminium construction and superb robust engineering to make operating and constantly moving during the day an extremely easy and simple operation. Wind the umbrella canopy up and down and then swivel the canopy around to the best position for sun protection, whether that is partial or full.

Some of the umbrella models we offer can tilt the whole canopy within the supporting arm, which remains stationery. The high quality and specifications for the May range of umbrellas is German engineering at its absolute best.

The in ground or free-standing base options are still the same as for a centre pole umbrella depending on the model. The wind speed rating will not be as high with a cantilever umbrella, but high enough to cover up to wind speeds where you might consider going back inside.


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The Wall Mounted Solution

Side Arm Support Umbrella One of the cleverest solutions we offer are the side arm mounted umbrellas, which have no support pole underneath, but instead have a horizontal support arm coming directly off your wall. This solution will give you the clearest space underneath the umbrella.

They can attach to other options too, which includes a vertical pole solution, but even then, the area underneath the umbrella is totally clear of obstruction.

Acting like a great big, long and strong arm with a jointed elbow, the super strong aluminium supporting arm will hold the umbrella in place and enable almost 180 degrees of movement along with a tilt facility on the umbrella canopy itself.

Manufactured to the highest standard all components on these umbrellas are aluminium or steel with the highest quality fabric cover options in a variety of colours…

Standard wall fix mountings and other options give plenty of solutions for your space and the umbrellas are easily detached to pack away or left in a secured position against the wall with a cover bag to protect…


Umbrosa Paraflex

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