May Umbrellas

For a long time, May have been a leading trade name for premium parasols. From the start, the company has resolutely pursued a policy of transferring creative concepts into technical solutions. The result is multi-purpose sunshades, used and proven in all kinds of weather, day by day, worldwide, making May Umbrellas the obvious choice. With a range of great designs, all available in eye catching colour schemes, this is a great choice for anyone for a commercial or domestic parasol.

Founded in 1983 in Betzenweiler, located in the German region of upper-Swabia, May Umbrellas was and still is a family run business. Whilst they have now expanded to well over 100 employees, the company still stick to the same principles they had when they first started out. May stand for having innovative products, creativity and consistency in pursuing better solutions.

Almost 35 years later, May is run by the second generation of the family, and are still one of the world leaders in premium large umbrellas. With a large in-house production team that constantly strive for innovation, May produce aluminium umbrella products that are used around the world.

From hotels and resorts, to shops and restaurants, and even domestic applications such as houses and pools, the applications for May umbrellas are endless.

The current May range of umbrellas takes in side supported umbrellas, centre pole umbrellas and even a brand new design called Eccentric Centre Pole.

Side Supported Umbrellas

Mezzo Parasol

A residential cantilever parasol, designed to be easy to use without losing stability or aesthetic beauty, making it an easy choice.

Dacapo Parasol

A residential cantilever parasol that uses a ball joint to make it a flexible designer parasol popular available in different shapes.

Rialto Parasol

A commercial cantilever parasol only available in round shape, the Rialto has been designed to be hugely robust yet eye pleasing.

Centre Pole Umbrellas

Filius Umbrella

A classic centre pole umbrella designed for the commercial sector and available in numerous shapes to suit your businesses needs.

Schattello Umbrella

A giant centre pole umbrella for the commercial sector. This umbrella can also easily be turned into a heatable outdoor shelter area.

Albatros Umbrella

A gigantic commercial centre pole umbrella. It can cover an area up to 78m² and can be fitted with infra red heaters, LED lights and speakers.


Size Guide

If you are unsure which umbrella or parasol to get, we have a size guide to help you see which umbrellas are available in which size. If you still have any questions, please call us on 0800 328 6250 and speak to a member of our team who can advise you.

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