Verano Santos

The Verano Santos is a premium awning, offering shade and protection for your terrace or outdoor space. The full-cassette framework covers the awning material when retracted, preserving and extending the lifespan of the awning altogether.

Available up to 6000mm wide, with an projection of up to an impressive 3500mm, the Santos offers the largest area of coverage from Verano. The Santos is always made-to-measure, meaning you get a perfect fit every time!

Electric operation comes as standard, offering fantastic convenient use, particularly with the larger sizes that the Santos can achieve.

Another feature unique to the Verano Santos is the ability to install LED lighting into the arms of the awning, as pictured. These lights mean your awning offers benefits both day and night! Don’t stop the party because darkness has fallen.

This awning can be installed to the wall or a ceiling, providing dynamic shading solutions to buildings that otherwise may not be able to feature awnings.

As with all Verano awnings, there are over 100 fabrics in the Verano Fabric Collection to choose from, with a huge variety of colours and patterns available. This selection ensures you can get the perfect fabric to complement your home, garden and outdoor space.

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Verano Santos awning

The awning frame itself is available in Silver, Ivory, White, and Anthracite.

The Santos is the ultimate Verano awning, offering convenience and comfort in abundance.

Technical Details

Detailed drawing of the full-cassette when retracted is pictured to to right.

Awning pitch can be set to anything between 5 and 70 degrees, creating a wide range of possible awning angles.

Full CE marking, meaning the product meets all current EU safety regulations.

5-year manufacturer warranty.

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