Verano Salou

The Verano Salou is a full-cassette awning, perfect for installations with limited budgets.

This awning system is available in standard or made-to-measure sizes, so you can always find the awning for you. With a maximum width of 6000mm and a maximum projection of 3000mm, you can cover an ample area of your outdoor space.

As with all the Verano awnings, there are over 100 awning materials available, allowing you to find the perfect pattern or colour for your outdoor space.

Operation is performed by an electric operator as standard, although manual operation with a winding handle is also available.

Further operation assists are available in the form of timers and sensors. Set automated opening and closing times with a timer, or set your awning to open in the presence of sun by using a sun sensor. Rain and wind sensors can close the awning when conditions dictate, preserving the awning and protection the system from damage. These sensors offer peace-of-mind and convenience in spades.

Salou awning with no background

The Salou can be pitched to anywhere between 5º and 25º, helping to create the perfect angle for your outdoor space or terrace. This allows you to control the atmosphere and climate underneath the awning, giving you a comfortable shaded space to enjoy.

3 standard colours are available, Anodised, Ivory and Anthracite. The colours can help to blend your awning into your home, or create a striking frame.

Technical Details

Picture shows a detailed drawing of a cross-section of the awning in a retracted state.

The Salou is made from high-quality aluminium, providing a strong and sturdy framework to protect the awning material when retracted.

Frame Colours: Anodised, Ivory or VS716 Anthracite.

5-year warranty.

Fully CE marked, meeting all current EU safety regulations.





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