Verano Garda

Verano Garda

The Garda is described as ‘an exceptional intermediate model’, offering a number of optional features to help tailor the veranda to exact requirements.

The roof can be either glass or polycarbonate, depending on the budget and shading requirements of the installation. Polycarbonate roofing offers improved shading, and is the cheaper option, however the glass option provides the most elegant and impressive final appearance.

Glass veranda anthracite grey framing Veranda with white framing

Shading can also be provided by ‘veranda sun protection’ or ‘Tallin Busk sun protection’, awnings that can be fitted above and under the veranda respectively. Veranda Sun Protection is a serene, retractable solution that can be opened and closed depending on the desired atmosphere underneath the veranda. Tallin Busk Sun Protection is installed underneath the veranda, draped stylishly to offer shade, whilst not being open to weathering.

Verano Garda optional extras

The Garda also offers two gutter profiles. The first rounded standard profile offers a timeless and uniform appearance to suit any application. The second profile is an optional classic style, inspired by the ‘English Orangery’ aesthetic, creating a striking and traditional appearance. This second profile option is perfect for verandas installed onto older buildings. The Garda also features a leaf catcher with tube as standard, designed to aid with water drainage.

Built-in lighting is also available with the Garda, using either Halogen or LED lightbulbs. The addition of integral lighting ensures your outdoor space can be used in the evenings, without the lights themselves obtruding on the sleek design of the veranda. This ensures the aesthetic elegance of the structure is maintained, whilst offering warm and comfortable lighting.

Garda veranda with white framing Verano Garda Samson installation with anthracite grey framing

The Garda is also ‘prepared’ for Verano side elements, including glass walls and doors. This means the veranda can be easily converted into a glassroom, through the use of a combination of these glass options.

As with all Verano products, the Garda adheres to all European and British building regulations, and comes with CE marking to demonstrate the safety of the materials used. Please note that any veranda or structure without the necessary CE marking may be highly dangerous and unregulated.

Finally, the Garda is available in 3 colour options; White, Ivory and Anthracite. These colour options allow you to blend your veranda into the existing design of your property. If these colours are not quite what you are looking for, then the veranda can be finished with RAL colours, creating a truly unique finish.

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How can I order? Our approach

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