Markilux 6000

The Markilux 6000 awning is an innovative product teeming with new technology, inspirational ideas and astonishing style. Available in 3 different style ranges, the Markilux 6000 awning has a large yet diverse design style amongst the 3 ranges which are perfectly matched to the range of styles witnessed in home architecture, and aimed at meeting customer needs

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The 3 sub ranges of the Markilux 6000 awning are:

Markilux 6000 Club | Markilux 6000 Studio | Markilux 6000 Lounge

The scope of designs for the Markilux 6000 offers something special for every individual palette, from colourful bright designs through to subtle classically refined looks. Each style line has its own range of colour and design options which add character, creates individual accents and offers something individually infallible.

Features of the Markilux 6000 Awning

Technical Drawing of Markilux 6000 cassette Technical image of Markilux 6000 awning Technical image of spotlights for Markilux 6000
The three style lines Club, Studio and Lounge offer individual design possibilities The folding arm with round with the futuristic connection technology at the elbow Stylish Markilux spots from the design studio, in an aluminium housing, anodised silver in colour.


The Markilux 6000 is a cassette awning with a new folding element in the arm hinge, aptly named the ‘bionic hinge’. This is the latest highlight from the Markilux technical team, who merit themselves on innovative prowess. This completely new technology, of which has never been used before this product, ensures the friction-free, noiseless bending of the folding arms every time

Modular Clip-on System

Yet another new innovation from Markilux; the modular clip-on system for attaching equipment. This system allows you to add extras to your awning at a later date – long after your Markilux has been installed. This can range from ShadePlus systems to block nosy neighbours and low-lying suns, to lighting systems (as pictured above).


The maximum dimensions of a single unit are 700cm/7m of width, with a projection of up to 400cm/4m. If you require a wider system, it is possible to couple several units together in order to achieve the full width required.


During the manufacturing process of all types of Markilux 6000 awning, the lengths of cover fabric are adhesive welded in the drop direction using an ultrasonic welding process. They are highly weather-resistant and durable because the adhesive bonding creates a surface free from vulnerable seams. This also results in an improved appearance. The highly compressed surface welding is resistant to water, light and temperature fluctuations under all normal conditions.


The Markilux 6000 is supplied with a gearbox and stainless steel winding handle as standard. Optionally electric operation is available and on request even the newly developed, beautifully designed Markilux remote control is on offer.


All cassettes are polyester powder coated. The awning colour of the Markilux 6000 Lounge is also coated: particles of dirt are unable to adhere to the surface, and rainwater will simply wash them away time after time meaning your Markilux will continue to make a great impression every time.

Concertronic // NEW

The Markilux 6000 awning is now available with the Concertronic. The Concertronic is a built-in awning speaker. Sound is produced using a microphone and an amplifier which cause the awning cassette to gently vibrate. Similar to the membrane of a loudspeaker, these vibrations are transferred to the air and shape noises into sound. Via a separate power supply, the remarkable Concertronic technology offers a full-bodied, high quality sound experience of up to 80 Watts.

Using a universal 3.5 mm audio input jack, the markilux 6000 with concertronic can play audio files from any commercially available device such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, Android smartphones, MP3 players etc.


Markilux also offer an impressive, accentuated lighting system for balconies, patios and decking to help you enjoy summer evenings long after the sun has set. These halogen lights are able to fully rotate to meet your lighting requirements.


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Markilux 6000 Club

Orange Markilux 6000 Club patio awning Markilux 6000 Club Cassettes

If your Markilux awning is required to create a peaceful sanctuary for a calm retreat, shade, or fun, the Markilux 6000 Club can provide this.

Colourful, young, and fresh, this is suited to beautiful homes

Their attractive cassettes, with frames in a powerful range of four lively colours, become a highlight professionally suited to complement both your home and garden. Samson Awnings are also able to provide a fantastic complete range of suitable covers to match your awning; this makes your decision very simple and easy, and one that is guaranteed to bring pleasant results.

Touted as ‘the expression of lifestyle full of vibrancy and colour’, the German quality of the Markilux 6000 Club ensures your home remains as attractive as ever and retains its natural beauty throughout the years.

Samson Awnings have selected a range of awning colours below that we feel would match the cassette design, however the entire Markilux range of is available. To view the entire range of Markilux covers and materials, click here.

Markilux 6000 Studio

Orange Markilux 6000 Studio patio awning Markilux 6000 Studio Cassettes

The Markilux 6000 Studio caters for individual homes which grow in character with the passing in time. Built in many appealing designs, the Studio design line gives the opportunity to accentuate the unique charm of your home.

Modern, discrete and elegant, this awning is most at home on classic homes!

It’s colourful supporting mount offers an entirely new mood, character and ambiance to your home, whilst the glossy polished chrome frames add that something special to the look. The Markilux 6000 Studio’s clear style line allows your patio awning to integrate elegantly into its surroundings.

And as always, the true German quality of Markilux awnings eliminates the need for cheap imitations by providing guaranteed high quality products with the latest durable awning technology. Your awning will still be looking its best, even when your home is reading for the next generation to arrive.

Samson Awnings have an attractive range of cover designs to match the cassette design colour for your convenience.

We have selected a range of awning colours below that we feel would match the cassette design, however the entire Markilux range of is available. To view the entire range of Markilux covers and materials, click here.

Markilux 6000 Lounge

Orange Markilux 6000 lounge patio awning Markilux 6000 Lounge Cassette

Sometimes it becomes a case of ‘to look the best, you must buy the best’ and the Markilux 6000 Lounge goes that extra yard. It is something that uses a truly innovative design concept to turn a secluded retreat with fully furnished garden into one congenial unit which complements the best of both.

Refined, classical and stylish, this is native to the most exquisite of homes

The beautiful design of the Lounge style line offers a truly accomplished and complete look to your modern garden. Mirrors in exceptional wood effect or a stainless steel webbing integrate effortlessly with the overall style. Frames in black or polished chrome give you both the freedom of choice as well as the ability to create the perfect accent. The harmonious design of this high-quality Markilux product, together with matching cover designs (as a sample chosen by Samson Awnings, or the full range – both below), create a unified and classy aesthetic.

Paired with excellent Markilux quality, this awning guarantees to create a stylish feel, whilst being built to last.

We have selected a range of awning colours below that we feel would match the cassette design, however the entire Markilux range of is available. To view the entire range of Markilux covers and materials, click here.

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