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Outdoor living – the trend of enjoying life outdoors and spending more time outdoors. People are recognizing the benefits of enjoying nature, fresh air, and the overall experience of being outside. Whether it’s having a coffee on a café terrace, socializing with friends in a beer garden, or playing in a playground, these outdoor activities contribute to an enhanced quality of life.

To fully enjoy these outdoor experiences, it’s important to have suitable sun and weather protection. This is where companies like Samson Awnings along with manufacturers such as Markilux and Weinor come into play. They offer individual and attractive solutions for sun and weather protection, allowing people to make the most of their time outdoors while being shielded from the elements.

With the right sun protection, individuals can comfortably sit under the shade on a sunny day without worrying about harmful UV rays. Additionally, protection from wind, rain, and cold allows people to continue enjoying outdoor activities even when the weather is less than ideal. This flexibility enables individuals to spend more time outside and explore various outdoor pursuits without limitations.

By providing reliable and aesthetically pleasing sun and weather protection, Samson Awnings contribute to the overall experience of outdoor living. We not only enhance the quality of outdoor time, but we ensure comfort, safety, and the ability to adapt to different weather conditions. With these solutions, individuals can fully embrace the outdoor lifestyle and make the most of their time spent in nature.




Several Markilux 5010 awnings with anthracite frame and a black fabric cover. A double awning attached to stand alone Markilux Syncra system, equipped with infrared heaters.

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An area of almost 180 square meters of covered shading systems. Including three Markilux Markant units, with an additional four folding-arm awnings of the Markilux 970 model mounted on the sides and front, with dimmable LED Lights and Infrared heaters.

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Eight freestanding Markilux Markants built on restaurant roof top with the integration of vertical cassette awnings, side privacy and wind protection for maximum comfort. Complementary lighting and infrared heaters also help to create a cozy ambience.

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Multiple Markilux Pergola Classic’s with adjustable front supports, allowing rainwater to drain off better, so that the sunshade also becomes a shelter during light rainfall. Sunvas Perla Flame Resistant and Waterproof fabric meeting fire protection regulations for public buildings.

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How can I order? Our approach

For many years we’ve helped our domestic and commercial awning and canopy customers.

How can I order? Our approach

1. Take several pictures of the area where you are looking to create an outdoor space.
2. Send your images with your details.
3. Tell us a little about what you want to achieve e.g. sun protection, rain protection, all year round use of space and so on.
4. If you have any preferences already, things such as retractable, fixed or both in one system. Don’t worry if you haven’t as we can advise and guide you later if needed. Read more

Email us today or call us on 01933 448 844 to discuss your requirements.