Markilux MX-3

Markilux MX-3 | The Curvy One

Elegant | Clean-Lines | Technical superior | Trend­setting | Quality

Designed to achieve minimal architectural impact or be stylishly distinctive.

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The Markilux MX-3 is a fantastic designer awning combining state of the art awning technology with a fantastic and innovative design.

Markilux are one of the very best awning manufacturers on the market today, with a massive history in manufacturing products for the German market. Tested extensively in the North German climate, which is similar to that of Britain, this ensures that their awnings are reliable and sturdy and safe.

With experience in building everything from mechanisms to fabrics, Markilux’ expertise has led to them being given multiple awards, including something like the iF Design Awards and Interior Innovation Awards.


MX-3 green striped fabric with green cassetteFeatures of the MX-3

The awning with both elegant curves and clean lines.

Shapely curves, clean lines, a fascinating colour spectrum – these are the defining features of the new markilux MX-3.

The colour choice of the all-round styling panel offers a unique customisation option and makes the hearts of patio and balcony owners beat faster.

When closed, the awning makes a good impression with its harmonious appearance, and when opened it fully reveals its technical superiority.

The innovative designer awning markilux MX-3 makes an excellent long-term impression with its very attractive price to performance ratio.

MX-3 green cassette

Clear lines. All round. If you like shapely curves in combination with straight­ forward design, you will love the MX-3.

Three MX-3 awnings

The new light in the awning sky for the best place under the sun – even in the evening.

The Markilux MX-3 is the culmination of years of experience and innovation.MX-3 red orange awning

Drop-forged aluminium moving parts ensure the arms are fracture resistant, whilst stainless steel pivot bolts and teflon-coated bronze brushes ensure a virtually silent and hard wearing awning that is virtually maintenance free. The bionic tendon itself is made oh high tensile, high-tech fibres, which are low in friction, insensitive to corrosion, noiseless and UV resistant.

The cassette itself is where the design really separates itself from the rest of the pack, with a visual aesthetic unlike anything else on the market. The cassette is made from extruded aluminium, and powder coated for a pleasing finish. As a full cassette, when the awning is retracted, the arms and fabric are completely encased, meaning they are protected from the weather and any potential damage is prevented.

When the awning is retracted, the cassette itself is subtle, blending in to different property types with ease whilst still impressing with its colourful and modern design. The design itself is sleek and modern, combining beautiful curves and powerful lines, to creates a pleasing and unique aesthetic.


MX-3 traffic redThe MX-3 can be heavily personalised, allowing you to create an awning that matches your property’s style, or for commercial applications it can even match your brand’s colours. There are eight different standard appearances, with colours picked that compliment each other and cover a wide range of applications. If you require something else however, any RAL colour can be used for various parts of the awning such as the cassette, cover and all-round styling panel.

The Markilux MX-3 has two different lighting options. The lower cassette profile has a slot into which an LED Line can be recessed, whilst there is also the option of LED-Spots fitted to the underside of the cassette.

The end cap insert sections are made of a high quality plastic, and can be powder coated or a polished chrome finish, whilst the front profile end caps are made of high quality plastic, always powder coated with water drainage holes.

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