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A classic among all vertical cassette awning that protects from prying eyes

The Markilux 710/810 is a basic vertical blind solar screen which is directed by a simple cable guide. It is proven to be a simple yet effective solution to providing cool shade yet still allowing comforting levels of light pass through.

Markilux vertical window blind detailing The way these 2 models have been constructed allows them to not only offer protection from excessive levels of heat, but to also gain that little bit of much needed privacy

The Markilux 710/810 range of vertical cassette blinds (also known as solar screens) are the perfect way to manage sunlight allowance and room temperatures to create a positive impact on your home.

With the addition of electric operation and a sun, wind & rain sensor these solar screens can be adjusted automatically to monitor your home and act when weather conditions change.

Each model is constructed precisely constructed and are proven to be classy, practical and efficient.

The Markilux 710/810 can reach a maximum size of 5m wide x 3.5m high on individual models, however models can be attached together to create larger spaces.

When vertical blind models are coupled they can reach a maximum size of 10m wide x 3.5m high – perfect for any of your vertical window shading needs!


The Markilux 710 and 810 are both constructed exactly the same as well as being available with all the same additional extras, however they are housed in different cassette cases. The Markilux 710 used the standard squared cassette case which can fit neatly under lintels and overhangs whereas the Markilux 810 has a stylishly round cassette case which looks good when exposed.


The cassette is firmly attached to the wall surface which offers the Markilux 710/810 a reliable level of stability. The profile which stretches end-to-end allow for for mounting to a wall or ceiling due to their lightweight qualities.


The entire selection of Markilux awning covers can be used with the Markilux 710/810 solar screen set.

The Markilux transolar is a particularly effective cover when used as a vertical blind due to the comforting level of shade it offers in combination with an unspoilt view.


The sizes of the Markilux 710 and 810 can vary as several models can be coupled together to create a larger blind. For individual blinds, the maximum size is 5m wide x 3.5m high. When coupled, the maximum size is 10m wide x 3.5m high

Samson 5500 Retractable AwningSamson 5500 Retractable Awning


This vertical cassette blind comes manually operated as standard by means of a winding handle system. It can be automatically operated through the installation of an electric motor to provide relaxing operation with the use of a handheld remote control operator which allows you to open/close your blinds from anywhere within the building.
Samson 5500 Retractable AwningSamson 5500 Retractable Awning

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