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Markilux 776 / 876

The Markilux 776 tracfix / 876 tracfix are best-selling external vertical blinds. With its elegant design and practicality the 776 tracfix / 876 tracfix are the perfect solution, they offer both sun protection and privacy, with a modern and graceful look.

You don’t have to choose between a beautiful home and modern comfort. Introducing the Markilux 776 tracfix / 876 tracfix, engineered with a high-quality and durable performance fabric.

Built for the stylish homeowners with a need for temperate relief, these external vertical blinds provide stylish and convenient protection with the perfect amount of light, privacy, and temperature control.

The 776 tracfix / 876 tracfix are the perfect sun protection solutions that also offer you privacy with these tensioned vertical cassette blinds.


The only difference between the Markilux 776 tracfix / 876 tracfix is the shape of the cassette:

If you prefer an angular design, we recommend the markilux 776 whereas if you prefer a round cassette then the markilux 876 vertical awning is the perfect choice for you.

Markilux 776 Markilux 876


Markilux 776 tracfix / 876 tracfix have a range of installation solutions: they can be fitted directly to the wall (face fixture), fitted using brackets and decorative coverings allowing the blind to be installed in front of the window/door (stand-off fixture) and fitted into the window/door reveal allowing a discreet and unobtrusive appearance (Reveal Fixture)

Face Fit Markilux 776 / 876 Blinds Markilux 776 / 876 Stand-off fit Markilux 776 / 876 Reveal Fit


Whether opaque or transparent, discreetly patterned or garishly bright: the Markilux fabric collection will have the right awning fabric to create your own personal sunshine. All of  the fabric are made to the highest-quality, light and weather-resistant colours.

Face Fit Markilux 776 / 876 Blinds Markilux 776 / 876 Markilux 776 / 876


Maximum size without tracfix: 400 x 600 cm, 500 x 450 cm, 600 x 350 cm (awning width x awning height)

Maximum size with tracfix: 550 x 400 cm, 600 x 350 cm (awning width x awning height)

Markilux 776: square cover cassette, cassette dimensions: 125 × 125 mm

Markilux 876: round cover cassette, cassette diameter: 130 mm

Markilux 740 Blinds Markilux 740 Blind


The Markilux 776 tracfix / 876 tracfix operation come with a winding handle for manual operation as standard but can be order and fitted with a motor including radio remote control allow you to control your blinds at the touch of a button. (tracfix system only available with motor)

Somfy Tahoma Switch Markilux Remote Markilux Remote

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