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Markilux MX-1 light in front profile All of the Markilux experience and years of knowledge in design and technology, aesthetics and functionality are united in the new Markilux MX-1 retractable awning. It is effectively a fixed canopy and retractable awning in one, breaking away from the traditional aim to produce the smallest cassette possible.

The awning cassette housing in the MX-1 is used to produce an attractive canopy either 300mm (MX-1 Compact)or 600mm deep

The self-assured size and conical basic shape with its clear lines are cause for delight for many different reasons. The Markilux MX-1 is a combination of a protective roof and an awning.

The cassette, including the rear canopy, with an overall depth of 62cm, protects windows and façade. But when extended, the Markilux MX-1 reveals its true greatness by shading an area of up to 700cm x 437cm.


At just the touch of a button, the optional protection from glare and prying eyes creates an enviable, private room outdoors.

As standard, the Shadeplus is equipped with a radio-controlled motor and comes supplied with a Markilux remote control.

Markilux MX-1 Shadeplus
Markilux MX-1 LED light LED Ambient lighting

An impressive eye-catcher in the evening hours.

The lit-up front profile is available in five contrasting colours, and can be dimmed to create the ambience perfect for you.

LED spotlights in the front profile

A brilliant lighting source that converts the room under the awning into an oasis of well-being in the evening.


LED-Line in the front profile

Gives uniform lighting and a pleasant ambience a er sunset.

Markilux MX-1 lighting options
Markilux MX-1 colour combinations Colour combinations

Cassette and front panel are available in different colours, which can be combined freely.

Markilux MX-1 cassetteThe front panel, made of aluminium, is available in all the Markilux Lounge and standard colours. As an option, the dimmable LED ambient lighting, set behind a coloured acrylic glass front panel, will set a more playful tone.

On request, Markilux LED spotlights in the canopy and the LED line or LED spotlights in the front profile offer additional dimmable options and the Markilux Shadeplus is able to provide additional protection and comfort under the awning shading you from the lower sun of Autumn and Spring months.

In spite of its dimensions, the Markilux MX-1 is fascinatingly lightweight in appearance

The awning is only available electrically operated and can be controlled like most awnings with a range of various fixed and mobile methods, wireless or hard wired.

Being electrically operated is ideal for any larger size retractable awning as it means safety devices can be added such as a wind sensor to ensure the fabric cover retracts in higher wind speed to avoid any damage.

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How can I order? Our approach

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