Markilux 8850

Designer | Sleek | Clean | Stylish | Energy Efficient

Ideal shade that can be produced any time.

The Markilux 8850 is the awning for conservatories with uneven, bevelled, indented or hipped roofs. Unlike other awnings with guide rails on the edges of the cover, the Markilux 8850 has indented guide rails in the centre allowing for no contact with the edges of the conservatory to allow for creative designs.

The 8850 was particularly developed for winter gardens with bevel-edged roofs.

Guide tracks may be indented up to 100 cm and can overhang the outermost bracket by up to 100 cm: the ideal shade can be produced any time.


Round cassette, angular guide tracks – to match contemporary conservatory design. Flexible design for bevel-edged roofs.


All covers from the current markilux fabric collection this includes all the folding arm awning and screen fabrics. Please check availability and sizes with your distributor or markilux.


Intelligent accessories provide perfect convenience: Light and wind sensor. Motor operation and remote controls.


Maximum width: 650 cm with a maximum projection of 400 cm

Maximum width: 500 cm with a maximum projection of 500 cm

Other / larger sizes may be available. Please contact your nearest specialist dealer for advice.


Hardwired electric motor. Optional: radio-controlled motor and markilux remote control.

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