Markilux 790 Side Screen

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There are few seating areas outdoors that are protected on all sides from sun wind and prying eye

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The Markilux 790 model is a fully cassette pull outside blind awning which discreetly retracts into a vertical aluminium case to remain protected and hidden from view when not in use.

A side blind awning can be useful when shading a patio area from a low-lying sun, slight breeze, or nosey neighbours – perfect for large terraces and patios. It is also ideal combined with a patio awning or terrace cover system. Often used to provide additional shading and protection to patios, terraces, and areas with existing sun shading products, a Markilux 790 side blind can also be used on its own to significant effect.

Attached vertically against a solid wall, the awning cassette fully supports the screen and a supporting stand at the opposite side helps to keep it level and secure to offer optimum performance and retain its taut cover.


The roller on the Markilux 790 is hidden within a narrow cassette which is positioned compactly against a wall surface. This protects the cover from dirt and dust when it is retracted. When required the awning is pulled out using the handle and inserted in a fixture post or a wall connection profile. It has a strong spring tensioner which ensures the cover tension always remains taut.

Special Features

Like any Markilux product, the 790-side blind awning has a range of features which makes it unique. It can be fitted comfortably without any difficulties using universal fastening points. The fixture post can either be fastened within a ground sleeve or secured using a side blind footplate.

It is also available with a wall connection profile in which the handle is hooked in place. This is suitable when two wall spaces are near and require a shading solution to be fitted between them.


Its compact cassette is available in three heights of either 1.73m, 2.13m & 2.50m. When covers are sewn, the maximum extension is 3.5m whereas this extends to 4m on seamless covers.


All Markilux cover fabrics from the balcony and terrace awning range are available for the 790 including the visutex, allowing you to see through the fabric rather than a solid block everything fabric. (For stripe design covers, the stripes run vertically)

The standard package for a Markilux 790 includes:

  • Aluminium cassette box with spring tensioned fabric (choice of over 140 colours) – fully protected when closed inside the sealed unit. The fabric is pulled out manually using a stylish handle attached to an aluminium section holding the fabric.
  • Fixing brackets to attach the cassette to a suitable wall, etc. The brackets fix first and the cassette is then held at the rear or the side by the brackets and allows the whole cassette to slide up and down to adjust the height once attached.
  • Choice of either docking post (approx. 1 metre tall) (with either a floor plate for fixing to solid surface or a ground sleeve for grass) or a wall/balcony locating bracket to enable docking against another solid surface not requiring the post.
  • Choice of cassette and docking post powder coat finished in either white (RAL9016) brown (like RAL8019) or metallic aluminium (RAL9006) and fabrics from the entire Markilux collection (except Perfotex, Soltis and PVC)

Optional extras include various brackets for specialised installation, additional standard accessories and the Mobilfix. The Mobilfix (pictured right) is a heavy solid base with 2 wheels and a handle attached for attaching the docking post to allowing a relocatable system for your patio area, ideal as the fabric from the cassette can be extended at quite a range of angles from the wall fixing point

The Markilux 790 is available in 3 standard heights – 1730, 2130 and 2400mm with fabric extensions ranging from 2000mm up to 4500mm priced in 500mm increments. There is a small surcharge for having the cassette in any intermediate heights if required and a surcharge to have the cassette and fixing post in any special RAL colour.

Another brilliant option for this side screen is having the fabric cover cut diagonally at the top to allow the shape to potentially follow the angle of an awning or a veranda to maximise protection whilst being more visually appealing. This again is a small surcharge.

The Markilux 790 is a fantastic solution for those annoying drafts or northerly winds that can make a summers evening on your patio just a little uncomfortable later or simply to provide more privacy when you are relaxing in your garden. Operation is simple and the entire range of operation is very flexible once the cassette position is established. The system is robust and can withstand some high wind speeds and when not in use the fabric is safely rolled away inside the cassette unit protected from the weather.

Installation is amazingly simple indeed only requiring a drill, some rawl plugs and screws suitable for the surface you are installing to and a screwdriver. Installation details come with every unit ordered.

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