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Certain awning models have the option to have a drop down valance incorporated into the front profile. These valances can be lowered when required, either through using a manual winding handle or by using a motor drive unit, controlled by a remote control handset. Awnings with these larger valances provide numerous benefits, such as shading on sunny days, a boost to privacy from onlookers, and additional protection from rain and wind.

Markilux green retractable awningWeinor semina life with drop down valance
The drop down valances themselves can be various sizes to suit the application, up to a current maximum size of 2100mm. At such a big size, it can provide excellent shade from low lying sun, protection from cool breezes, or even provide privacy from neighbours if need be.

The drop down valance can use the same fabric as the main cover on the awning, or one of the perforated fabrics available. The perforated fabric has the benefit of offering some vision if required, whilst still providing weather protection. Because of this it is an excellent choice for many different applications, particularly given the changeable weather and British climate.

Blue awning with drop down valance

White awning with drop down valance installed by Samson
Combine the drop down valance with one or two of the superb side screens available, such as the Markilux 790 or Weinor Paravento, and you can protect yourself on all three exposed sides underneath your awning. This helps to make the cooler months of the year less of a problem when sitting outside and shelter you from wind or rain, allowing you to make more use of your outside space.

Samson Awnings sell several fully retractable awnings with the capability to have retractable valances added to them. For more information, please click below.


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How can I order? Our approach

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