There are several different awnings whose features and design stand alone, high above the rest, representing the highest quality design and most appealing aesthetics of any awning available on the market. These designer awnings are amongst the very best you can buy, and we stock several of these products available from our partners, who represent the very best and reputable manufacturers.

The design of the cassette on these awnings have been modelled to fit in with modern architecture, and offers many options in not only the finish, but also in areas such as the end cap finish or the brackets supporting the awning. These options mean the awning can be highly customised to fit in with the appearances of properties.

Attention to detail is a high priority with designer awnings, and this extends to things such as super quiet motor options, integrated lighting on the outside of the front profile and hidden support brackets to leave an awning looking like either a canopy or an architectural feature when closed.

With options from both the market leaders of Markilux and Weinor, you can be assured of not just high quality appearances, but smooth and easy operation coupled with reliability and fantastic build quality. Click below to look at the various different products we offer that represent the very highest quality awnings.

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