Awnings with LED Lights

We offer a wide range of retractable fabric awnings, and whilst all of the manufacturers we work with provide some form of LED lighting, we also offer a good variety of specialist awnings with the very latest LED lighting built directly into the front  profile or the actual cassette of the awning.

Weinor LED Spotlights retractable awning Markilux Awning Spotlights

LED lighting is hugely beneficial for a number of reasons. As those with LED headlamps will already know, LED lights provide a much brighter light, making vision much easier even in the darkest of conditions. Alongside this, they are much more energy efficient than standard halogen lighting. In fact, they allow for saving up to 30% on energy bills when compared to standard lighting.

The integration within the actual awning framework of the awning gives the neatest overall appearance when not in use, but also provides a great deal of flexibility when being used. The awning can actually be used just as an outdoor light bar without operating the fabric cover. Ideal in the Winter months!

MX3 Red awning with LED Line MX-1 LED spots

There are also a range of stand alone LED light bars available in various lengths for mounting wherever is most suitable and these can be retro fitted to any awning. The LED lighting in the awnings can be dimmed and switched on and off using the appropriate hand transmitter, and the same transmitter (with sufficient channels) can also be used to control the awning itself as well as other products such as infra red heating or drop down valances. Using IO technology most awnings can also be controlled using your smartphone or tablet and a home automation link from Somfy. This also allows scenarios to be created so the lights can operate automatically depending on the time and day and other controls used alongside, such as a sensor.

Awning LED spot light LED Line Awning

Below is a list of some of our retractable awnings with LED lighting, featuring awnings from hugely reputable and trustworthy manufacturers such as Markilux and Weinor, and there is also LED lights available for Verano awnings and the soon to be supplied Erhardt Markisen awnings.

New to our list of lighting options is the Markilux LED Line that can now be integrated within the folding arms of the awning. Neat and easy to use with greater overall spread of the diffused lighting system.

The different manufacturers can provide different sort of LED lighting solutions, from spot lights to light bars both integrated into the cassette or profile or even as separate bars to be places underneath the awning for those models which do not allow for full integration.

LED Awning Product Range

Weinor Cassita II Markilux 1650 Opal Design II
Markilux 970 retractable awning Weinor Semina Life Markilux MX1


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