Quite a common request that we receive is for an awning with greater projection than the width, usually for unusual shaped areas or to try and cover a large area. This is a common request for both commercial and domestic applications, and whilst a greater projection that width may limit your options a little dramatically, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible

There are in fact several awnings that can accommodate such a request, three from Markilux and one from Weinor. Both Markilux and Weinor are market leading German manufacturers with a long history of making sturdy and reliable awnings that also impress with their appearance

A projection which is further out than the width of the awning is quite difficult to achieve, and with a normal awning this is physically impossible as the arms would not close if their length was longer than the width. However if the arms are offset so one can go underneath the other then you can have what Markilux affectionately call a ‘stretch’ awning.

This means if you have limited width, but want a good level of shading, you can look at one of these awnings models as a solution, with the only requirement being a good depth being available for the increased awning height requirement against the wall it is fixing to.

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