When you have a need for an awning projection which is more than the width of the awning, then the physics are challenged with any normal folding arm awning. This might be where you have obstructions on a house wall, or maybe you want an awning in a niche or corner of a building and the projection can be unlimited but the width is already determined by the space available.

Markilux 1710

Markilux 1700

A crossover arm set up means you can achieve these greater than width projections, something not possible on any normal folding arm awning. Markilux have options for awnings developed solely for this purpose and the end result is a marvel of mechanics.

Alongside the very high standards expected from any German manufacturer, the ‘Stretch’ awning models offer this unique ability to project a fabric canopy up to 4m outwards, when the width might only be 3m.

Often with a West facing garden or patio, you will need that maximum and extra projection to deal with the lower lying summer and Autumn sun and the greatest projection possible allows this to work even when you maybe don’t require the same width across the building.

Maximum width for a Stretch awning is 4000mm
Maximum projection for a Stretch awning is 4000mm with a minimum of 2500mm width

Manual or electric operation and all the usual options like remote control or IO control and smart technology. Wind sensors to protect from high winds and optional bionic tendon arms for maximum strength and stability .

Options like lighting and drop down valances are NOT available on stretch awnings simply because of the mechanics involved with the awning itself.





The maximum projection for a self supporting awning is 4 meters. This fact will never change, purely because of the stresses involved in this type of mechanism. If more than a 4m projection is required then look towards systems with supporting posts at the front and side channels to further support the fabric cover. Take a look at our range of retractable roof and pergola systems for ideas on what is available, but sizes up to six meters in projection is no problem, with these products providing far greater structural integrity at larger projections.




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