Business Owner? Prepare for Spring 2021 Now…

Despite the negative and unpredictable times encountered throughout 2020, the restrictions we have faced as a nation has led to a re-discovered love, and necessity, of the outdoors.

As your customers are excited to return to your pubs, restaurants and cafes, the desire to stay safe and enjoy the outdoors is more important to consider than ever!

And so, as a specialist supplier and installer of outdoor living products, we have seen a mighty increase in the interest of products that enhance these valuable outdoor experiences, such as retractable awnings, glass verandas, butterfly awnings and large umbrellas.

Pergola and umbrellas for restaurants

Creating an exciting and inviting outdoor space with luxurious outdoor living systems means a safer, outdoor area for business, a unique level of appeal for your company and even an extension to your current environment.

Going forward, spring 2021 is not too far around the corner for those considering how to tackle the new requirement for outdoor space. The current demand for these kind of products is very high, and so we would encourage you to consider your options and start placing orders as soon as possible to beat any inevitable delays.

Consider Next Spring’s Solutions Now…

Here is a word from Samson’s managing director regarding this year’s unique circumstances:

Like so many companies in the UK, Samson Awnings and Commercial Awnings UK faced extreme uncertainty during the Covid 19 pandemic. It all happened at what would normally be the start of our busiest period in early spring. This year however, after the initial countrywide shutdown, the demand for gardening and general outdoor living products tripled and we, like nearly everyone else in this industry, have struggled to cope with demand. Manufacturers of goods also have large backlogs still and we now look towards orders placed now being ready for delivery or installation in 2021. We encourage anyone thinking of an awning, canopy, glass veranda, large umbrellas for commercial or domestic use to place their orders as soon as possible, even if it is required for next spring season onwards.

We see further possible delays on manufacturing as local outbreaks cause staff to isolate from factories and supply chains disrupted. Very little of what we sell is off the shelf and is generally made to order. We would like to thank all our customers to date, and also apologise for any who did not receive their replies or quotations as fast as normal.

We are staying positive about this country’s future and see a lot of very beneficial changes in people’s opinion about spending more time outdoors for their overall health and wellbeing.

Stay safe and healthy…

– Nathan Dove, Managing Director


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An Unpredictable Year…

A Breath of Fresh Air

By Nathan Dove, Managing Director 

If anyone had told me on March 24th that our awning business would be supercharged by a pandemic, I would have thought them absolutely crazy; six months later however, the need and desire to spend more time outdoors to avoid catching a virus has meant that this has happened.

We initially closed our showroom doors following advice on March 24th and began to work out what we might do, when movement and face to face communication had effectively been condemned.

As we entered April, I started to realise what was happening as news came across from Germany that the demand for awnings, umbrellas and canopies was seeing an enormous surge. “Is this the Spring peak?” I initially asked myself. However, the upward trend continued, along with government advice to “spend more time outdoors.”

It has become clear, even as the Autumn rain starts to fall. Our government and health advisors are stating: “Meet Outdoors”, “Stay Healthy”, “Avoid close Contact”.  The messages keep coming, and they are targeted at both domestic and commercial audiences. They make sense, and these instructions have changed many people’s perceptions. It is better to be outdoors.

The True Value of Fresh Air

We have some catching up to do with our European neighbours. According to the National Trust, UK children are exhibiting symptoms of a modern phenomenon known as “Nature Deficit Disorder”.

A particularly informative report by the National Trust describes in detail how the UK compares with other European countries in the misguided sheltering of ourselves and our children, from the outdoors.

National Trust study:


We have learnt the value of fresh air in 2020


For all of us, young and old, a lesson can be learnt from its important message: “Nature Deficit Disorder describes the human costs of alienation from nature, among them: diminished use of the sense, attention difficulties, and higher rates of physical and emotional illnesses.” This proves that not only does embracing the outdoors help protect us from the dangers of the current pandemic, but will always improve our physical and mental wellbeing.

Changing Perceptions

Although the pandemic for many of us has been a turbulent and unsettling experience, fortunately good things have been brought to the surface too, just like the re-discovery of our love for the outdoors. This will inevitably continue, especially if everyone can readjust their perception of our general lifestyles for the health of us and our loved ones, and spend much more time outdoors.

Samson outdoor living products for commercial premises

You don’t have to leap around like a youngster, you can still read, listen to music, or socialise with your family via Facebook or Zoom, this is all part of it. Look at what we have to offer, to make outdoor living happen for us all. Discover just how you can enhance the space you have available to you, to make an informed and beneficial decision. We’re here to help you along this journey.Restaurant outdoor dining

Our very own British concept of “Outdoor Living” is being re-born! Let’s embrace the “New Normal” in the move outside.

Discover Your New Normal…

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Markilux Markant

Come along and visit our showroom at your convenience, parking is free and adjacent, and we will offer you a hot drink!

Wellingborough Northamptonshire, NN8 4BH

The markilux Markant on display with a recent installation here at our showroom.

Benefit now from more clients sitting down or being barflowers in your venue!

Make the most of uncovered or unused outdoor space, this beautiful installation is suitable for education, bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, retail, sports venues and hotels. Profit from the extra space created, extra seating provided, extra revenue per year!

Comfort, beautiful aesthetics, ambient atmosphere, all year round space!

More space = more sales – people are drawn outside, they want to enjoy the light, fresh air and space.

Benefit from this strong trend and create an attractive outdoor area using products that offer all year round protection. The advantage: your guests can stay outdoors for longer, even in not-so-mild winters. Increase your dining space and your sales as a result!

By extending your hospitality you will attract more customers, protect guests from weather, enhance business branding. Ask us about placing your logo on this product.

Come and see it for yourself.

Book a survey at your convenience by calling 01933 448 844

Markant stands proudly on 4 posts covering an area of 6m x 6m, or 36m²

For an area of 36m² prices starts at £14k excluding VAT excluding Installation.


Fitting an Awning When There Are Downpipes in the Way

Happy New Year!

With new year year so quickly upon us, it is now the season to start considering any products you require for your patio or garden.

Retractable Awnings are a hugely popular product for sun shading, however you may have avoided installing one due to the downpipes on your home. However, don’t let these stop you from living a life of luxury and convenience – you are still able to enjoy a Retractable Awning – just read on to find out how!

How Do You Fit an Awning When There Are Downpipes in the Way?

The easiest solution to fitting a retractable fabric awning onto a wall where there are downpipes in the way is by installing the awning brackets away from the wall with what are called most obviously ‘pipe brackets’.

The simple idea is to extend the main bracket out from the wall to have a gap behind the awning cassette, and therefore missing the pipework. If the gap isn’t too large then, as you can see in the images below, there is an aluminium cover then fitted to cloak the gap between the wall and awning cassette. This is not only for aesthetics, but also to prevent rainwater dripping down the back of the cassette.

The plate for the wall is either the same size or larger, than the bracket for the cassette support, and can be manufactured to be almost any size when required.

Retractable awning with awning brackets for downpipes

Pipe brackets generally are made large enough to deal with most domestic downpipes and other obstructions and provide a simple solution to the problem.

If there are more pipes or obstructions than can be dealt with using this method, then it is possible to look at a goalpost frame. These can be either fitted to the wall in other places, or made to be self-supporting and bolted or concreted into the ground. This method is popular with older buildings where there may be restrictions on drilling into the walls or where the walls themselves are too rough or unstable.

The right fixing brackets are very important to all size awnings. These methods can ensure the awning cover is able to be most effective in the right place, providing optimum sun protection as well as maximum stability.

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The Best Time to Buy Is Now!

Did you find yourself wishing for additional shading during the summer? Was the setting sun particularly bothersome in your garden? If you think your future summers could be enhanced with one of our shading solutions, the absolute best time to buy is now!

Not only are prices at their best for summer products at this time of year, but it means your garden or patio will be ready and kitted out in time for spring and summer 2020.

So, why not take a browse of our fantastic range of Retractable Awnings and other shading solutions to see how you could enhance your summer living? Take a look at a snippet of what we have to offer below, browse the helpful information featured on our website and come along to our Northamptonshire showroom to see and try out our products for yourself.

Retractable Awnings

Our range of Retractable Awnings are exclusively sourced from the world’s very best manufacturers that offer the highest quality products. Each of our model’s is manufactured from aluminium, with robust features and components to ensure seamless and reliable operation.

Modern Retractable Awnings Installed by Samson Awnings

The variety of fabric choice we offer is nothing but impressive; from muted, modern shades to traditional patterns, you can choose the perfect design for your outdoor living space.

Plus, extra comfort can be created from our range of heaters and lighting, meaning your time spent outdoors can be extended after the sun has gone down and into the evening.

Drop Down Valances & Side Screen Blinds

Where additional shading is required, we also have a range of products to complement the use your Retractable Awning. If you find the low-lying sun a puncture in your enjoyment during summer evenings, such options may be the solution for you.

Retractable Awning with Drop Down Valance and Side Screen Awning

Additional Outdoor Living Products

If you’re looking for products that offer convenient usage throughout different times of the year, we also offer a range of Car Ports (perfect to avoid getting caught in the rain when leaving your car!), Glass and Polycarbonate Awnings, Garden Glass Rooms and more.

Come along to our extensive Northamptonshire showroom to see our fantastic products, where our specialists will be more than happy to guide you.

New Samson G6 Installed at Showroom

Samson G6 Installed at our Showroom

Just in time for Summer, we have had a brand new glass veranda installed at our Northamptonshire showroom, and it is ready for you to come and take a look for yourself!

This particular model is the Samson G6, a quality glass veranda that is manufactured to your bespoke specifications and your property’s requirements. We specified each side of the veranda to showcase alternate styles; one side featuring Victorian features, whilst the other shows off a more minimal yet modern design.

Here, you can see how small variations in style can make a significant difference of the veranda’s overall appearance, enabling you to determine the perfect aesthetic for your garden.

Samson G6 Installation at Samson Showroom

Victorian Detailing on Samson G6

We are currently showing off the veranda as a car port, but of course it also makes for perfect cover for your garden’s patio and BBQ area! Plus, the veranda is a low maintenance addition to your space and works to shelter any outdoor furniture during bad bouts of weather.


The G6 can be manufactured in projections up to 3.3 metres, however it can be made to any width at all. The system’s post supports require concrete pads, whilst the posts act as drain pipes to allow the flow of water from the front profile’s guttering.

Samson G6 Installation at Samson Showroom

Visit our Showroom!

Like what you see? Come along to our Northamptonshire showroom, based in Wellingborough, where our expert staff will be more than happy to talk you through the G6’s features, as well as any additional outdoor living products you may be interested in.

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The New Markilux MX-3 Cassette Awning

New from German awning manufacturer Markilux is the MX-3, an awning that showcases the very best in modern awning design and technology in 2019.

Markilux are renowned as one of the best awning manufacturers in the world, if not the very best. Based in Germany, all of their awnings are tested in the northern German climate, one that is similar to ours in Britain. Markilux manufacturer everything from the mechanisms to the fabrics, which are perhaps the best you will find on awnings anywhere in the world.

This commitment to high quality products and innovative design has lead to Markilux being awarded multiple awards, including the iF Design Awards and Interior Innovation Awards. From their fantastic designs to their high standards of reliability and build quality, Markilux are rightfully one of the biggest and best awning manufacturers on the market.

The MX-3 takes these elements and showcases them all in one retractable cassette awning. The design of the cassette itself is unique and unlike anything else you will see. The compact cassette is unobtrusive, and the awning design as a whole combines powerful clear lines with attractive curves to create a truly unique and breath taking appearance, whilst the huge customisation options for both the awning and cassette itself mean that the MX-3 can truly fit in on a number of properties.

The MX-3 comes in a massive range of colours. Eight different colour designs are as standard, ranging from an eyecatching Sulphur Yellow or a spectacular Traffic Red, to a more subtle Pearl White or Agate Grey. These can however be changed for any RAL colour at all for maximum individuality.

The Markilux Mx-3 cassette awning can have two different sorts of LED lighting, helping to keep your outdoor area illuminated and extending its usability. It can either have a recessed LED line or LED spotlights inside the cassette.

For more information on the brand new Markilux MX-3 cassette awning, please visit our product page by clicking here, or call us and speak to one of our knowledgeable experts who will be able to answer your questions.

The New Weinor LED RGB Lighting Strips

Now available from German awning and glass roof manufacturer Weinor is the brand new accessory for their verandas and glass rooms, LED RGB strip bars.

These coloured LED bars aim to help you create the perfect ambience. There is a massive choice of 48 different colours, plus three different varients of white. This helps to create a variety of atmospheres, from a calming blue tone, or an energising red, to a more normal white colour. This allows you to create the perfect atmosphere for your mood or need. Meanwhile, the subtle and aesthetically pleasing framing itself can be any of 200 colours.

Like all LED lights, the RGB strip lighting is extremely energy efficient, with 30% less energy being consumed when compared to more traditional lighting, helping you save on your electricity bills whilst creating a more stylish outside area.

Operation of the LED lighting strips couldn’t be easier, with the BiEasy 15M Go! hand transmitter controlling all functions, allowing you to create the perfect lighting situation at the press of a button.

These can be utilised in multiple ways, from being attached to a house wall, to various different Weinor products and can installed quickly, easily and flexibly.

For more information, contact us, or view the PDF.

The Weinor Terrazza Pure – Coming Later in 2019

The Terrazza Pure, an exciting new 90° glass roof system from Weinor, will now be coming to the UK and Samson Awnings later this year.

A new free-standing roof system from Weinor, the Terrazza Pure is a brilliant sun and weather protection system from the innovators at Weinor. Usable as either a free standing or lean-to system, meaning it can either be constructed to attach onto an existing wall or structure, or be made to stand independently itself.

It has a cubic design, with special lighting and decorative strips that ensure this system looks fantastic wherever it is erected, and with a large range of features, it can be customised to suit whatever needs you may have.

The Terrazza Pure is based upon the already existing Terrazza.

Weinor have took this model and converted it to a cubic design, allowing it to be a truly free standing system. The system uses a cubic design, whilst rainwater is drained via the guttering down the posts.

LED strips are available to provide lighting, available in up to 48 colours and three different types or white. The colours can even be dimmed or adjusted via the Weinor transmitter. The sides can be filled in too, with the options for either vertical blinds, glass sliding doors or glazing, enabling you to fully close off the system and convert it into an outdoor room.

External Shading for Doors and Windows

When it comes to preventing excessive heat and glare from the sun on South and West facing windows and doors there are several options available, some of which you may not have considered.

The trick with preventing solar heat gain is to prevent the sunlight hitting the glass of your windows, doors or bi-folding doors. Internal blinds of various types only stop sun glare and do not stop the heat entering the building.

Using various fabric and solid metal blinds and awnings externally can provide the perfect solution and provide some vision where required to the outside.

Samson Awnings offer a wide range of purpose made products which are generally suitable for commercial or domestic use on any property covering very large doors and windows if required.

Option 1 

External Zip or Wire guided Fabric Vertical Blind.

Yes, that’s right an external fitted fabric blind to provide proper protection from the heat and glare of the sun but also provide protection from wind and rain if necessary.

The very latest ranges of external blinds offer by Samson are designed to be other gravity fed or cable and motor power driven with a zip channel system to the sides to ensure the greatest tension in the fabric itself when closed. The choice of fabrics is huge and there are also perforated options to provide some vision and ventilation even when closed but still able to provide protection from driving rain and diffuse the sunlight too.

For true weather protection and controlling sunlight and heat gain look to fitting blinds externally and benefitting far more in all round control of sunlight, wind and rain ingress. If you have sliding or inward opening windows then you can have the windows open and the blinds down to act as the weather protection, especially in the hotter months of the year.

Option 2

External Retractable Fabric Awning

A retractable awning can be used for either providing protection for an area underneath but also for protecting doors and windows from sunlight, especially those facing West and South which can suffer from low lying sun in the Autumn months.

Our awning range is huge, and all the awnings are made to measure with sizes up to 14m wide and 4m projection with a fully adjustable angle for the fabric cover to ensure the best protection when extended out.

Whether manual or electric operation, a good quality awning will provide shade for your doors and windows but also can provide a prefect space underneath to help define an outdoor area for your patio, garden or terrace to entertain family and friends.

Option 3

Drop Arm Awning

A traditional method for window shading this simple awning will drop down and provide a fabric protection cover at a 45-degree angle with a small protective cassette for the fabric and roll mechanism. The side arms provide the stability when opened and some models will allow the fabric to drop almost all the way down to 180 degrees acting like a normal blind to protect the whole window or door.

Drop arm awnings are a great solution as they are lightweight and don’t require the fixings like a self-supporting retractable awning does.

The cassette is small containing the fabric and the system is stable in wind because of the mechanics.

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