Retractable Awnings

Samson Awnings & Terrace Covers present a wide range of retractable awnings built to an extremely high stand to withstand water, wind and prolonged exposure to sun – perfect for commercial use.

All of our patio awnings fall into three main categories as follows:

Full cassette awnings

This is an enclosed awning where the roller, fabric cover and arms are completely protected and stored in a closed cassette when retracted. These awnings are the right choice for exposed installations and for anyone wanting maximum protection all year round and when the weather turns bad. The cover fabric will stay cleaner a lot longer if used sensibly

Semi-cassette awnings

There are varying degrees of protection given by semi cassetted awnings as the casings from manufacturers differ in design. Generally the protection is given from the top and the front only by an aluminium or steel coverboard. Where complete protection is not a requirement such as underneath a soffitt these awnings can be useful.

Open cassette awnings

If the location for installation is well protected then open cassette awnings are a good economical way of shading. The mechanisms and roller tubes are left completely exposed.

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A Samson Product Will Send You Running For Cover

An intense heat combined with the blazing light from the Sun on a British summer day is enough to dehydrate & exhaust even the most heartiest of souls.

Even at the opposite end of the weather spectrum, our retractable patio awnings can still cope. Nobody likes spending time in the rain and our awnings can also act as a waterproof shelter.

Schools & Nurseries are possibly effected the most when dealing with young children unfamiliar with the harsh consequences of being exposed to the sun.

Pubs & Restaurants profit most when the weather is hot and the beer garden, but what happens when it gets a bit too hot? A lack of shade could lead to plenty of hot customers (and warm beers!) who are seeking the shade. Some of our retractable awnings can remain hidden under eaves, but stretch as far as 8m wide with a 3.5m projection when needed; this means more people can sit and take retreat in the shade under cover on a terrace and enjoy the weather without the risk of burning.

Shops & Offices feel the magnified heat of the sun through glazing which results in hot rooms – less than ideal when concentration is needed. Retractable patio awnings not only act as sun shading protection for users sitting directly underneath, but they can also be used to block the sun coming through doors, windows and other openings or glazed areas.

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Restaurant, Pub, Bar or Club..

Our overhead protection products allow commercial entertainment businesses such as restaurants, pub, bars and clubs to continue with service throughout the sweltering heat in the summer, bitter cold in the winter and even long into the night. Perfect for creating new profit opportunities and opening various moneymaking avenues.

High Quality For Long Term Protection

All products supplied and installed from Samson Awnings & Terrace Covers are constructed using the best materials and manufactured by skilled craftsmen to the highest quality. This ensures that the awning retains its strong qualities throughout the years and can cope with the relenting impact of the harsh British weather.

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