Commercial Canopy & Awning Products

Whatever your reasons for purchasing a commercial awning or canopy, there are more products and solutions available than ever before. Samson Awnings offer a vast range of fixed or retractable awnings, canopies and roof systems to protect from the UK weather and extend the use of your outdoor space all year round.

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Canopies and Awnings for pubs and cafes sun shade for shops and offices protect from the sun in schools and nurseries

The vast range of commercial canopy products offering protection from sun, wind and rain and providing excellent outdoor covered space can be made to order for the best results. Samson offer consultation at various stages but we think it is important to get the right product from the outset, as a poorly specified canopy or awning system will not be of any use to your business long term.
Think carefully before purchasing any large outdoor canopy or awning system as the strength and reliability will be dependant upon correct specification and of course, installation. We have seen stronger winds over the last few years here in the UK, and of course, we always have plenty of rain at the most inappropriate times, so taking more control of the weather is very useful if you run a busy establishment and also rely on your outdoor space to cater for fluctuating and irregular numbers of customers.
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