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The purchase of an awning, umbrella or terrace cover system of any type is not just about the price – the purpose, suitability and quality must also be considered in coalescence with the unpredictable British weather.

Whatever your reasons for purchasing a commercial shading system there are more products and solutions available now than ever before with most influences from tried and tested products from Northern Europe where the weather challenges are the same as in the UK. Samson Awnings offer a vast range of fixed or retractable awning and terrace cover systems in a variety of materials to protect against the sun, wind and rain and extend the use of any outdoor space to most of the year round. Whether your main issues are weather protection, maximising useable areas for business purposes or to promote your branding, Samson Awnings will guide you through the information minefield with reliable, accurate advice and the highest of quality products. Uncertain of what you are looking for?


Retractable fabric roof with zip screen blinds all housed in a composite timer framework system – extra outdoor dining and drinking

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