Parasols & Large Umbrellas

Parasols and umbrellas for the home and commercial use

vortex1Samson Awnings provide and install parasols & large Umbrellas in both domestic and commercial applications. These are serious umbrellas and will require proper ground fixings and management in higher wind conditions. Operation is usually extremely easy with geared winding operation or even electric operation for the larger umbrellas.

Side Arm Umbrellas

The Paraflex umbrella system is a unique umbrella system eliminating the need for a heavy base and a centre pole. The anodised brushed aluminium side mounted arms fit directly onto a wall or an upright pole, which is also anodised brushed aluminium. The hinged support arms allow tilting and almost limitless positioning of the umbrella to achieve the desired shade with absolute ease, particularly useful to follow the path of the moving sun during the day.

Available singularly or in clusters, the Paraflex can be added to by module thus extending the coverage virtually ad infinitum. The single unit is quite compact – in limited areas such a small garden or courtyard area this is very often the perfect solution, especially when fitted to the wall thus avoiding any cluttering of floor space.

When adding units to increase the coverage again the lack of need of floor space is very beneficial. As well as wall and floor fixing, the Paraflex lends itself to the very attractive option of being dropped into a planter thus achieving portability and a base surrounded by flora. Stretched over a hexagonal frame, the acrylic fabrics are water repellent and fade resistant. Produced to retain tautness the fabric will not sag. There are a number of beautiful colours to choose from in different weights of fabrics. The differing weights of material carry differing periods or warranty, so check the guarantee on your choice before buying.

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Storing the Paraflex could not be easier. Simply take it out of the clamp, close it down and store it, or leave it on the arm and close it by the zipper in the umbrella cover. The arm can also be dismantled for winter storage if required.

A range of accessories are available with the Paraflex – heating and lighting can make those lovely summer evenings last well into the night without feeling the chill of the night air.

For an equally ingenious umbrella system side arm supported take a look at the Mezzo or Decapo umbrellas from German manufacturers May. These umbrellas offer fantastic engineering and clever support of the main umbrella cover in almost every conceivable angle to help control the shade required all day long. They are available in several sizes and shapes with a large colour choice for the fabric cover and the highest quality aluminium framework system with many options for ground fixing.

 Side Arm Umbrellas

Centre Pole Umbrellas

Three different centre pole Umbrellas are available from May Umbrellas; Filius, Schattello and Albatros.

Typically used in a commercial setting, these high quality umbrellas are available in extra large sizes, however sizes start at 1.5m x1.5m, which makes them a perfect alternative to usual patio sun shades.

The Filius is the lightweight model of the May range, making it perfect for domestic use. It is available in 3 parasol shapes; square, round and rectagular and is available in a wide range of colours. The Schattello is an all weather umbrella and extremely wind resistant, so you can enjoy your garden all year round. It is available in four shapes; square, rectangle, triangle and round. The Albatros is also a large area, wind resistant parasol, available in three shapes; square, round and rectangular.

All three umbrellas are available in the full range of May Umbrella fabrics.

Centre Pole Umbrellas