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The range of parasols and giant umbrellas available today in the UK is amazing and one reason for this is great advances in the materials and technology used in manufacturing these structures. Samson specialise in commercial grade umbrellas fit for purpose with higher wind ratings and stronger bases, poles and designs.

Our philosophy at Samson Awnings and Terrace covers is simple. All the umbrellas we supply are designed for commercial use and are manufactured to the highest level for strength and durability.

Side Supported Umbrellas

Samson provide a range of side supported umbrellas which are ideal if space saving is a concern. These umbrellas offer outstanding engineering and can provide shade at every conceivable angle to help control the shade required all day long. The framework is typically made from aluminium, allowing these umbrellas to be strong yet lightweight. This gives a contemporary design look whilst providing maximum shade underneath the umbrella. The side supporting umbrellas generally have a lower wind rating than the centre pole systems due to their design.

Paraflex Umbrellas

Paraflex are side supported umbrellas that can provide the ideal solution for any outdoor area. It is a unique system that removes the need for a heavy base and central pole, as Paraflex Umbrellas can be attached directly to a wall or multiple umbrellas can be connected to a pole. The Paraflex is lightweight and easy to install and operate. Sizes start from 1.9m and go up to 2.7m and a wide range of fabric colours are available, allowing the Paraflex to compliment your existing décor.

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May Rialto Parasol

The Rialto Parasol from May can help create a welcoming ambience in large areas. Made from extruded aluminium, powder coated and highly impact proof, the framework on the Rialto makes it an ideal solution for a commercial premise. If you have a large area to cover, the grouped shading can be the perfect solution. The sturdy Rialto mast can hold up to four elegantly grouped shades.

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Centre Pole Umbrellas

Centre Pole Umbrellas are a more commonly seen umbrella. Supported by a pole erected in the centre, a centre pole umbrella can extend over large distances to offer high levels of shade. It is now possible to have electric operated centre pole umbrellas offering the ultimate in easy management in a busy commercial environment. Centre Pole umbrellas are seen as the traditional style of umbrella, Designed with a strong ribbed.branched frame supporting the cover and suspended in the air from a large central pole, these umbrellas are very sturdy and ensure that the umbrella cover remains taut at all time. The TradeWinds classic is a great commercial option for the traditional usage with management of the umbrella in windy conditions.

Samson Awnings & Terrace Covers recognise that any product which represents a commercial business must cater for their exact unique needs which is why we offer a selection of designs.

Various shapes are available from square shapes, rectangular designs, octagonal or even a uniquely inverted shape for trendy cafes or nightclubs.

The support for these umbrellas comes from an extremely sturdy centre pole system which distributes its strong attributes through branches in the framework.

Stylish side-valances are available on request to give your umbrella the gift of walls. Available to protect against a sweeping wind from the side, hide an unpleasant view or simply just to offer a bit of privacy – just a number of uses for this diverse umbrella accessory.

Tradewinds Classic

The Tradewinds Classic is a high grade wooden parasol which is specifically designed for commercial use. It’s available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and is manufactured from laminated eucalyptus, with the canvas being produced from high quality acrylic, which comes in a large variety of colours.

Vortex Umbrella

Designed for today’s demanding environment and engineered to withstand high winds and driving rain over sustained periods time, Vortex parasols are the ultimate shade and shelter for commercial and residential properties worldwide. Offering a wide range of size and configuration options, the Vortex Parasol provides the perfect solution for outdoor areas such as restaurant and hotel fronts, pub gardens, market areas, patio and alfresco dining.

Made in Britain and available worldwide, the Vortex Parasol offers a high strength, high tensile parasol with stainless steel frame, fire retardant canopy and lots of options for heating and lighting, ensuring year round usage.

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May Albatross

Especially designed to meet the requirements of outdoor catering, this sunshade concept provides an exclusive atmosphere in large areas. Its clear design is unique and lends its very own unmistakable charm to any outside area. These sunshades stand out by virtue of their maintenance free drive and particularly robust construction.

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