Vortex Commercial Parasols

Designed for today’s demanding environment and engineered to withstand high winds and driving rain over sustained periods of time, Vortex parasols are the ultimate shade and shelter for commercial premises.

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vortexWith over 12 years’ experience of delivering high quality shade solutions led to the creation of Vortex parasols, providing strength and durability beyond traditional jumbo parasols.

Vortex has strength and elegance borne out of simplicity in both form and function. It is designed and manufactured in the UK to standards only dreamed of before.

This highly durable parasols, designed for year round shade and shelter. Strong enough to be left open, easy enough to close if required.



Designed to provide year round shade and shelter, Vortex parasols are proven to stay up and open far longer than any conventional parasol or awning on the market today.




Light Showers






Icy Chill




At a glance

Heat and Light

Installation for up to 4 heaters

Adjustable spotlights

Remote control option

Year round usability

Easy installation



Side panels

Pole-mounted table

Parasol Bases

In ground parasol base

Deck parasol mount

Free standing parasol base


The Vortex is available in 3 standard sizes, this being the exact width across the diameter of the umbrella when open fully.

  • 4.2m square
  • 4m x 3m rectangle
  • 2.8m square


VorTex parasols are fitted with Ferrari 502 PVC. A very durable and long lasting cover material, easy to clean and carrying a 5 year warranty ensuring years of dependable service. 40 colours are readily available to create an eye catching effect and compliment an existing colour scheme or blend away in the background. Advertising can be added in logos or writing with a digital mock up service also available to help you decide the best impact.

With 40 colours available, Vortex can be specified to create an eye-catching splash of colour, complement an existing theme, or blend into the background. Choose a beautiful colour tone from one of the colour palettes: Emerging Colours, Design Illusion, Body Language, Evolving with Time or Mayhem to ensure the right colour for your own environment.

Bases for Installation

In Ground base:

These are suitable for permanent fixing of the Vortex Umbrellas and provides the best stability for the product. Electrical cables should be run through the ground, throughout the ground base, completely hiding them.

Decking Mount:

The flat steel plate is to be bolted to an existing and suitable solid surface.

This provides a permanent fix in situations where it is not possible to install a ground base.

Mobile base:

This is a large steel base with concrete slabs. These allow a non permanent fix and although they are very heavy this installation does allow the umbrella to be moved if required.


The Vortex frame is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel. The stainless steel pole diameter is 76mm with a 3mm wall thickness. Main ribs are 42mm with a 1.6mm wall thickness and supporting ribs are 38mm with a 1.5mm wall thickness.


Highly efficient heating and lighting systems are readily available for the Vortex umbrella range providing comfort and creating theperfect ambience at night. A custom made hub system specially designed for Vortex enables the connection of up to 4 efficient halogen heaters with minimal of fuss. Standard heaters are 1.5Kw electric infrared with integrated switching.

Solamagic pole mounted lights incorporating 4 directional spotlights provided easy lighting and can be fitted with 50W halogen bulbs or LED bulbs and can be controlled by remote if required.

Endless combinations are also available for adding outdoor speakers for music, TV screens and even cooling systems.

The Fast Bar: A self supporting umbrella table, for mounting round an umbrella pole. The Vortex Umbrella Fast Bar table is 600mm in diameter.

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