Mezzo Parasol

The easy to handle side post parasol from May Umbrellas. This residential umbrella is designed to be operated easily and give you the ultimate protection from the sun.


The Mezzo umbrella is versatile and perfect for use in your garden. The practical canopy lock allows you to open and close the parasol when it is in an inclined position and prevents the canopy from swinging in the wind, giving the Mezzo-iconumbrella greater stability.

The operational mechanism of the parasol is conveniently positioned and can easily be adjusted to suit the height of your choice.  With the help of a crank mezzo can be opened and closed, positioned and locked in next to no time.

The poles of our sunshades are all made of high-quality alloyed, extruded aluminium profiles. The frame surfaces are anodised, highly impact-proof and available in the colour “EV1 natural silver grey”.

The spokes are spring steel and powder coated available in white RAL 9010 or silver RAL 9006.


Mezzo MH
More functions – more benefits! The Mezzo MH not only has the functions of the standard Mezzo, it also offers the possibility of effortless height adjustment.Thanks to a pneumatic spring incorporated in the support pole, the physical strength needed to raise or lower the parasol is effectively reduced to a minimum.The canopy on the Mezzo MH can be rotated around all three axes:-360° around the the support pole
– 180° around the cross arm
– 90° around the joint axis.Such unique freedom of movement makes it possible for the user to adjust the parasol to the changing position of the sun or to use it as a protective screen.
Sonnenschirm - Katalog 2014, May GmbH

Mezzo Installation Options

may DMZ110 resize Cross Pedestal
Mounted with screws, frame size 83 x 83cm, total height 28cm, weight approx 4.5kg, galvanised. For standard concrete slabs 40 x 40 x 5cm
 may DMZ411_resize Full Frame Pedestal
Customised height to fit parasol surface, frame size 83 x 83cm, screw off upper part, galvanised, weight approx 23kg, incl top plate for winter protection. For 1 set of standard concrete slabs 40 x 40 x 5 cm.
 may DMZ412_11-resize Full Frame Pedestal
(adjustable for slanting surface)
With 4 rubber diagonal support levelling screws, frame size 84 x 91cm, total height min. 34cm, max. 40cm, weight approx 24kg, galvanised. For 1 set of standard concrete slabs 40 x 40 x 5cm.
 may DMZ414_1-resize Full Frame Pedestal on wheels
With heavy-duty rollers and fixing brakes. For use with concrete slabs, galvanised, 84cm x 91cm, weight approx 24kg. Attention: wind sensitive!

Fabrics & Options

The Canopy covering of the Mezzo umbrella is available in all fabrics and colours in the May Umbrellas range.  There is the option to have this parasol with a straight valance or without a valance.When not in use – the protective cover provided can easily be slipped over the shade during bad weather periods.

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