Samson G6 Glass Veranda

The G6 glass veranda is a simple yet stylish veranda made to measure and using lighter roof glass than our other models. It has a more limited projection of around 3.3 metres but can be manufactured to any width at all.

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Just like other lean to canopy systems the post supports require minimal concrete pads and the higher back section is a simple wall plate fitting directly to the building or structure for support. The Samson G6 Glass Veranda allows you to enjoy your garden regardless of the weather.

The rainwater guttering is an integral part of the front profile for a neat and clean finish. The support legs act as the drain pipes taking the water from the front profile and out at low level in most cases, other options are possible using a soakaway or existing drainage systems.

The standard system is in white powdercoat finish but almost any colour can be specified for a small extra charge.

This system is also sold as a DIY system online or Samson will install for you almost anywhere in the UK. We can provide a surveying service if required, specify the best sizing and provide drawings if needed. The design and installation of glazed or solid side infills for extra weather protection is also available with many options.

The G6 is a low maintenance addition to your garden that allows you to have an all year round protected area outside of your home meaning expensive garden furniture can be sheltered from the harsh British winter.

It can also be used as a Carport as seen in the picture on the right. The central pane of glass here has been removed to allow the car door to open freely, allowing easier access, and the glass roof and sides have been tinted green.

A ‘Victorian’ upgrade is possible giving decorative cast aluminium sections at the top of the support posts as well as additional decorative detail to the vertical posts itself.

The G6 Glass Veranda can be finished to any BS, RAL colour or any of our designer finishes.

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