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Terrazza Pure, the new glass patio roof from weinor, relies on a modern cubic style of roof combined with innovative design. Classic patio roofs are designed angled so that rainwater can drain off. With Terrazza Pure, the pitch is integrated into the frame construction and is therefore invisible from the outside. The result: clear, cubic design combined with reliable drainage – the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy lots of natural light on their patio and appreciates reliable, modern designed weather protection at the same time.

A brand new design from the heavyweight German manufacturer Weinor, the Terrazza Pure is a brilliant new glass roof system, based on the already fantastic Terrazza design.

With an aluminium framework, the Pure that takes the existing Terrazza design but adds a cubic twist that benefits the aesthetics and allows it to fit in on modern properties. Not just an aesthetic change, the cubic design has a big positive effect on the usage and reliability of the Pure.

The most obvious difference is in the roof, where the changes are dramatic and have a big positive impact on the usability of the system.

Whilst traditionally, patio roofs are sloped in order to allow rainwater to drain off, the Terrazza Pure does this whilst maintaining a cubic aesthetic by having the pitch integrated into the frame construction, making it invisible from the outside.

Containing a totally unique roof design, the Weinor Terrazza Pure’s freshly developed roof supporting system guarantees reliable drainage.

This means the actual roof has no slope, guaranteeing suitable head clearance height, even with lower roof connection heights.

The glass-roof structure of the Terrazza Pure allows you to transform your patio into an outdoor room which can be used in the spring, summer and autumn during both the night and day.

The Terrazza Pure makes possibilities endless and can not only enhance your quality of life, but also the valuation of your home.

Planning permission is not normally required as the system does not require traditional footings like a conservatory does.

Using the Terrazza Pure in the Dark

The Terrazza Pure is not just beautiful in the day, and if anything it truly comes into it’s own when the sun goes down. Ultra high quality coloured LED lighting strips are placed at strategic points in the legs and roof, and this not only provides light where you need it the most, but looks stylish whilst doing it.

The lights in the legs can be moved to suit your needs and combined with the ability to have coloured LED’s it also means that you can choose the atmosphere and aesthetic you wish to create, making a modern looking outdoor area you can use even later into the night.


Shading is also a possibility, allowing you to relax underneath the Pure even during the most scorching and sunny days. This is due to the ability to combine with the Sottezza II underglass awning, a retractable conservatory awning, helping you to create a shaded area to relax underneath the system. For more information on glass verandas or roofs combined with awnings,check out our page here.

The VertiTex II is also available and allows for vertical shading, filling in the sides with vertical blinds that can protect from low lying sun, as well as providing protection from rain and wind. This means you can be safe from dazzling sun, as well as maintaining a level of privacy. The design of the system means that the VertiTex system is integrated seamlessly, looking perfectly natural as part of the Terrazza Pure.

Glass Panels and Doors

Just like how a standard Weinor Terrazza system can be turned into a GlasOase glass room system, so can the Terrazza Pure. Ultra high quality, super clear glass allows the Pure to become a truly unique style of glassroom.

The panels and doors are modular, so can be installed at a later date. They can either slide or fold and create a closed outdoor room that provides a great area that blends the inside and outside spaces of your property.

The frameless design also means that you can enjoy an unobstructed view of your property and surrounding areas.

Further Accessories

For more information on further accessories that you can combine with the Weinor Terrazza Pure, look at our page on various Weinor Accessories.
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