Markilux Awnings


Markilux are the largest and most renowned German manufacturer of retractable commercial awnings and awning fabrics, and the second largest folding-arm awning manufacturer in the world. Markilux manufacture over 55,000 retractable awnings, retractable canopies, window awnings and exterior solar screens annually.

All products are suitable for installation and use in both domestic and commercial environments

Retractable Awnings For Balcony & Patio

Full Cassette Awnings

Markilux 990 Patio Awning Markilux 5010 Yellow Sun Shade mx-1-button Markilux 6000 used as sun shade
Markilux 990 Markilux 5010 Markilux MX-1 Compact Markilux 6000
Markilux 790 markilux-730-830 markilux970
Markilux 790 Markilux 3300 PUR  NEW Markilux 970

Semi Cassette Awnings

Markilux 1600 Markilux 1650 semi cassette awning with lights Markilux 1500 increased tension awning markilux-1710
Markilux Stretch 1600 Markilux 1650 Markilux 1500 Markilux 1710 Stretch
Black and White Striped Markilux ES-1 over looking a patio
Markilux ES-1

Open Cassette Awnings

Markilux 1700 untitled-1 930swing
Markilux Stretch 1700 Markilux 1300 Basic Markilux 930 Swing 

Large Terrace Covers For Domestic & Commercial

Markilux Pergola retractable fabric roof Markilux Syncra butterfly awning system rs2
Markilux Pergola Markilux Syncra Markilux RS-2

Vertical External Blinds, Roof & Conservatory Awnings

Markilux 780/880 Markilux 8000 Conservatory Awning Markilux 8850 Conservatory Awning 879
Markilux 780/880 Markilux 8800 Markilux 8850 NEW Markilux 879/ Tracfix
Markilux Roof Festoon

Vertical External Blinds & Awnings For Windows

Markilux 710/810 markilux-730-830 Markilux 750/850 893
Markilux 710/810 Markilux 730/830 Markilux 750/850 Markilux 893
620 660 720 725
Markilux 620 Tracfix Markilux 660 Tracfix Markilux 720/820 Markilux 725/825
876 760 730 740
NEW Markilux  876/ Tracfix Markilux 760/860 Markilux 730/830 Markilux 740/840
Markilux 745/845

Markilux Accessories and Fabrics

Markilux Heating & Lighting Markilux World of Colour
Markilux Heating & Lighting Markilux Fabrics

Commercial Awnings With Award-Winning Design And Engineering Excellence

Markilux is the only manufacturer in the world to have won the Design Award at the prestigious R & T Global Design Fair, a feat repeated at every show since 1988. Simply put, Markilux awnings are the best-engineered commercial awnings in the world. This technical expertise of our Quality German Engineering delivers awnings that work better and look better every day, while providing a lifetime of function and style.

Green Manufacturing & Premier Quality In Commercial Awnings

Markilux designs and produces every part of their highly durable retractable awning frameworks, mechanisms and fabric covers in-house. Their 450,000 square foot factory has been praised as a “green factory,” exceeding all European Union and U.S. standards for pollution control, energy efficiency and recycling of waste.  All Markilux products are fully tested and meet the stringent German TUV standard for engineering quality. Markilux also meets the quality standards for ISO 9000 certification.

Unique High-Tech Commercial Awning Fabrics

Markilux has a highly developed knowledge of textiles – having been in the textile business since 1927.  They are the original creators of the worldwide design standards for acrylic awning fabrics.   They are the only awning manufacturer in the world who designs and manufactures their own exclusive line of awning and canopy fabrics.These skills and capabilities make Markilux the undisputed leader in high quality, high style retractable awnings and exterior solar screens – the gold standard against which all other awnings are judged worldwide.Samson Awnings are proud to be specialist dealers of Markilux products due to their proven manufacturing skills and precise construction techniques. Markilux are so sure of their products durability, they offer a 5 year warranty on all products.