Open Cassette Awnings

Non Cassette awnings explained

With an open cassette awning there is no casing at all around the retracted awning. The fabric is rolled up and the arms are retracted, and yet it is all totally exposed. Due to this lack of protection and the UK weather, the most suitable positions to install an open awning would be under large overhang areas such as soffits or eaves. This will then afford some protection against inclement weather conditions when you experience them, although even then there will still be some exposure.

There are essentially two reasons that would determine the purchase of an open awning – the first being the need for the extension of the awning to be greater than the width, the second is economy. When the requirement is for the awning extension to be greater than the awning width then the necessary construction renders this awning not able to be cassetted, and is the main reason for people purchasing open cassette awnings.

Do you have an older open cassette awning which requires servicing and maintenance? It may be on our open cassette awnings archive page.

Markilux-1700-side-viewMarkilux 1700

The Markilux 1700 is a brilliantly innovative open cassette awning which has proven very popular within the patio awnings market.

Designed in a seamless fashion, this awning is available with a transparent glass coverboard to offer protection to the operating mechanism and the awning material to maximise its lifespan. This coverboard can be paired with an LED lighting system to create a truly peaceful, ambient atmosphere on your patio.

The circular design of the awning components is very pleasing on the eye, and this is further complemented by the choice of framework colour designs, making this a very visually pleasing and minimalist choice.

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