Markilux 930 Swing

The 930 Swing is an open cassette awning, manufactured by the German industry leaders, Markilux. The 930 Swing is an adaptable and versatile awning, suited to installation underneath overhanging roofs.


The awning is described as ‘small, delicate and elegant’, reflecting the slender nature of the product when fully closed. The compact appearance extends in an awning that packs a punch, offering shading for sizes up to 5m wide by 3m from the back wall.

The awning has an adjustable pitch of between 5 and 80 degrees, meaning you can adapt and alter your awning to match the requirements of each different day.

The awning is operated manually as standard, with electric operation available. There are also a range of accessories and sensors available to increase the functionality of the already practical awning.

There is a useful windlock mechanism, ensuring the awning does not flip up in windy conditions. This innovation is just one of the considerations implemented in the impressive Markilux awnings range.

Markilux offer a wide range of fabrics, meaning you can specify an awning that suits your home and outdoor space. Whether you want to match the fabric to existing furniture, or make it blend in with your windows and doors, there’s a fabric colour for you!

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