Markilux 1300 Basic

This open cassette retractable awning might be called Basic, but it still delivers a fantastic level of quality coverage for your outdoor space.

Adjustable pitch coverage means this awning can adapted on the fly to deal with the movement of the sun, movable between 4 and 85 degrees. This is one the widest pitch angle ranges available across the awning market!

The 1300 Basic has a ingenious and attractive design, with a round steel-link chain to ensure consistent and smooth opening operation. This awning is manually operated as standard, with automation available.

In the event of rainfall, water is channeled off the sides of the awning, preventing a “waterfall” situation from the front, which can happen with awnings from other manufacturers. These minor considerations are what make Markilux awnings the best in their field.

Optional extras include ShadePlus for additional shade and privacy, infra-red heaters, sunlight and wind sensors, and a Vibrabox, an awning control system. A full range of fabric choices are also available, from the Markilux fabric range.

Available up to 7 metres wide, with a projection of up to 4 metres, the 1300 Basic can cover a large outdoor area with ease!

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