Awnings with adjustable pitchDespite what it may seem, asking for awnings with adjustable pitch is not such an unusual request. It can, however, be difficult to execute the mechanics properly. One of the main problems is having the ability to maintain structural integrity and stability, however, there are one or two options out there that do this.

Markilux offer the 1300 model for just this requirement.

The manual pitch adjustment mechanism means you can adjust the angle of the entire main cover and arms between 4 and 54 degrees, or another range between 35 and 85 degrees (this is set up during installation). This means you can have the awning at the shallowest pitch during midday when the sun is above, and then later in the day or if it begins to rain, the pitch can be made steeper to deal with either scenario.

Markilux 1300 Markilux 1300 with red striped material

The simple turning of a winding handle is all that is required. Whilst as standard the Markilux 1300 uses a manual winder to do this, it can be automated via the use of an electric motor drive to bring the awning in and out as required with minimal effort needed.

Markilux are a world beating awning manufacturer originating from Germany. Generally renowned as potentially the best awning manufacturer in the world, they combine a selection of exceptionally high quality fabrics with brilliantly intuitive designs to provide reliable and impressive awnings that can be used to fit every need.

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Markilux 1300

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How can I order? Our approach

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