Heating & Lighting Systems

Weinor provide their own range of high-quality heating and lighting products to.

Lux | Tempera


Lighting System

Light is essential in creating a good atmosphere and Weinor have recognised this by producing the Lux light system. This consists of a standard Lux Light Bar and the Lux Design.

Both Lux lighting systems provide the right level of light to create a soothing, ambient atmosphere which can continue into the night. They are colour-matched and are easily installed onto the awning. Furthermore, the halogen lights on the Lux Light Bar can swivel allowing you to redirect light.

The Lux designs are perfect for patio installations however they can also be used on residential decking. It also has its commercial benefits being able to satisfy the requirements for beer garden lighting, exterior dining area lighting, outdoor showroom lighting and more.

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Heating System

We’ve all had the feeling – sitting outdoors enjoying peace and quiet enjoying a fun time with family and friends when suddenly, out of nowhere, a bitter cold wind hits forcing everybody to retreat to the warmth of the indoors. Not anymore with the Weinor Tempura.

The Tempura offers a comfortable, lasting warmth that allows you to enjoy the outdoors in cold conditions or cool evenings and enjoy the natural surroundings.

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