More and more architects are designing facades into domestic or commercial properties, an area where an awning can be installed into a cavity specifically designed for the awning. to meet this growing demand and gap in the market, there are now awnings designed and built specifically for this purpose, with awnings to install in recesses in more demand than ever.

These awnings are designed with an unusually flat front profile, which acts as the cover plate for the awning when closed, and is meant to blend in with the rest of the wall detail seamlessly. The niche created for these awnings becomes the cover cassette such as in the Weinor N 2000, the front plate acts as the cover to seal the awning into the niche. These awnings look especially at home on modern properties but can equally blend in on more classic designs too.

Not only do these awnings look great when retracted, but when extended the fantastic design from market leaders Weinor and Markilux mean that they impress at all times with a minimalist and modern design. These awnings are a fantastic choice when looking for a state of the art awning to integrate into your property.

We stock two awnings currently that are particularly suited for such a task, the Weinor N 2000 and Markilux 3300 PUR. Both are reliable and impressively well designed, by two of the biggest and best manufacturers in the awning business, designed to suit the changeable climate of Britain.

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