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The I/K 2000 is the tried-and-tested, classic cassette awning – as an I 2000 without back-plate for level building facades, as the K 2000 with back-plate for uneven bases. The sturdy weinor awning with its support pipes can be used almost anywhere

The Weinor 2000 range of stylish awnings are classically elegant and perfectly harmonious. Their beautiful cassette is timeless in design and retains its stylish features throughout years of weathering.

These range of awnings perfectly cater for any needs whether it a simple wall-fixed application to fixing onto ceilings or rafters, and finally niche situations that many awnings can not accommodate for.Each awning is discussed and explained below:

Slim Cassette Design

Once the awning is retracted, the fabric and the mechanical parts are safely protected inside the cassette.

Longlife Arm

The appeal of the low-noise weinor LongLife arm is its very high tension force – even in gusty conditions


The N-2000 is ideally situated to niche situations not often encountered. When fully retracted, the N-2000 model blissfully disappears into the wall out of sight.When fully retracted into the wall, the awning material is completely protected by the building material and the front profile which naturally blends into its surroundings.Both the awning casing and front rail are square in shape to allow them to comfortably blend into the building with the niche in question.

The N-2000 comes with Weinor’s vast technology allowing it to be beautifully efficient, very easy to use, reliable and durable. It can even increase the value of the property it is installed onto!


The maximum width of the Weinor N-2000 is 7m. The maximum projection of the Weinor N-2000 is 4m.This unit can not be coupled.


The I-2000 is specifically designed for wall assembly, with the masonry providing the natural last touch.When contrasting things such as technology and aesthetic beauty work so well together, we talk of real unity.

Not many products unite true technology and beauty like the Weinor I-2000.The cassette fits tightly against the wall to achieve a flush fit.The strong front rail assists the awning by offering additional strength to the folding arms.


The maximum width of the Weinor I-2000 is 7m. The maximum projection of the Weinor N-2000 is 4m.This unit can be coupled to reach a maximum width of 12m.


The K-2000 is the all purpose awning ideally suited for wall, ceiling and rafter mounting alike.

Similar to the I-2000 in construction, it possesses all of the same benefits whilst maintaining its agile fixing qualities to meet many needs.


The maximum width of the Weinor K-2000 is 7m. The maximum projection of the Weinor N-2000 is 4m.This unit can be coupled to create a maximum width of 12m.


The Weinor I 2000 / K 2000 and N 2000 are available with remote control operation as standard, however it is also available with manual operation on request.

It is also available with a Volant Plus valance to block out low lying sun or prying eyes.

When powered automatically, a choice of either:

WeiTronic Combio-868 MA

WeiTronic Combio-868 LD remote controls is available.

Colours & Materials

The whole selection of the Weinor materials and covers are available. Contact us for more information.

The Weinor K-2000 is available with a large selection of colours.

They are available with 47 standard RAL colours at no extra cost, any other RAL colour (for a 10% surcharge).

8 trendy conservatory colours (for a 5% surcharge) or other structure colours (for a 15% surcharge).

Heating & Lighting

Heating & Lighting is available at an additional cost.

Click here to view the Weinor Heating & Lighting Systems page.



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How can I order? Our approach

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3. Tell us a little about what you want to achieve e.g. sun protection, rain protection, all year round use of space and so on.
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