Why are the Markilux fabric covers so good?

Markilux are one the the largest manufacturers of retractable awnings in the world and invest most of their time and efforts into new technology,their fabrics are no exception.
The fabric cover choices for the entire Markilux range of awnings and terrace covers are far more advanced than others to the point that for 2013 they have already dropped the acrylic range of fabrics as they are to be practically banned in 2014 for reasons of emmissions and manufacturing processes not being environmentally friendly, a forward thinking move. The ‘Sunvas’  ‘Visutex’ and ‘Sunsilk’ fabric ranges offer colours and patterns like no other awning and when you are having a large area covered this is probably the single most important factor to your choice. The mechanics and electrics in a Markilux awning are the best you can get anyway.

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See below the overview extract from the Markilux website giving the technical details about UV protection and manufacturing processes. We have all the latest fabrics on display in our Wellingborough showroom and can also bring out the full range when we survey to give you the best possible choice for your home.

With the purchase of a Markilux awning cover you have chosen a high-class quality product. All fabrics are manufactured on state-of-the-art weaving mills. Meticulous checks also ensure that we only ever supply functionally flawless covers.

However, awning covers do not only serve as effective protection from the sun. They also have a decisive impact on the colour ambience and hence the atmosphere created under the awning. For even greater enjoyment of the colour provided by the shade of an awning, Markilux has created an extensive collection of more than 250 fabrics made from innovative, high-tech polyester yarns.

The certificate “Öko Tex Standard 100” guarantees that no harmful dyes or chemicals were used in the making of markilux awning covers.

Effective protection against UV radiation
Due to the increased strength of UV radiation, healthcare during our leisure time is gaining in importance. Therefore it is important to know just how many harmful UVA and UVB rays will pass through the cover when purchasing an awning. markilux fabrics in dark colours afford 100 per cent protection. Lighter colours (right through to plain white) stop up to 97 per cent of UV radiation.

These figures are based on research conducted by the Hohenstein Research Institute as well as the manufacturer of our fabric yarns. All fabrics made of sunsilk snc and sunvas snc achieve the highest possible solar protection factor for textiles (UPF 50+).
The UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) specifies how much longer one can be exposed to sunlight when protected from it by the given UPF without suffering sunburn. Fabrics with an ultraviolet protection factor of 50+ would enable you to sit out safely in the sun fifty times longer than you would otherwise be able to do without suffering sunburn, if you were to rely solely on the protection provided by your skin.

In order to ascertain the sun protection factor required, you need to know what level of protection is provided by your own skin, as well as the length of time you wish to sit in the sun (your own protection time x sun protection factor = maximum sunbathing time). It is essential to bear in mind here that the sun protection (awning) fabric is only able to reduce the effect of direct sunlight and not that resulting from reflected UV radiation (from water, for example).

The best light and weather fastness values
Markilux covers made from sunsilk snc and sunvas snc achieve the best results (marks 7 to 8) when rating their light and weather fastness values.

Bonded fabrics lend a vastly improved appearance
The ultrasonic bonding process lends the awning fabrics a vastly improved appearance. It has been tested for its durability. The high compression bonding process offers many advantages: Under normal conditions the panel joints (formerly seams) are impermeable to light and water and impervious to changes in temperature. Thanks to its smoother surface, the fabric has a longer life-span. In addition bonding avoids the problem of premature ageing of the thread as a result of UV radiation and weathering.

Awning covers on Markilux awnings
We supply Markilux awnings with bonded covers. If you would prefer your awning cover to be produced with the conventional stitched finish, we kindly request you to state this clearly when ordering. Exceptions are covers made from perfotex and those from other collections that are manufactured in a stitched finish for very good technical reasons. Both stitched and bonded awning fabrics show inevitable differences in colour due to the double layer of fabric at the seams and panel joints – the fabric appears to be darker in this area.

Made-up awning covers for replacement
When ordering made-to-measure awning covers we would like to ask you to always state if you require a stitched or a bonded cover.

How can I order? Our approach

For many years we’ve helped our domestic and commercial awning and canopy customers.

How can I order? Our approach

1. Take several pictures of the area where you are looking to create an outdoor space.
2. Send your images with your details.
3. Tell us a little about what you want to achieve e.g. sun protection, rain protection, all year round use of space and so on.
4. If you have any preferences already, things such as retractable, fixed or both in one system. Don’t worry if you haven’t as we can advise and guide you later if needed. Read more

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