What makes an awning waterproof ?

The superb fabrics on the top quality patio awnings have a highly impressive water resistance level.   If the awning is correctly pitched at 14 degrees the awning will cope with rainfall commensurate with weather conditions for the awning’s standard classification of wind class 2, Beaufort 5, 17-23mph.
For a truly waterproof awning, the fabric can be specially treated, but you should remember that the white coating will then be visible from the underside of the awning when open.
Another key factor is making sure the awning fabric is kept as tight as possible to ensure no ‘pooling’ of water can occur when there may be a heavier downpour of rain.
Once the fabric collects a pool of water it can build very quickly and stretch the fabric and even damage it for good.

A ‘zipped’ system always helps prevent fabric sag as the fabric is held in the sides of the system securely rather than just loose at either side as on a retractable awning.

Fabrics do vary enormously in quality and the very best and modern fabrics are manufactured by Markilux Awnings. They are always ahead of the latest trends in colours and manufacturing techniques in modern fabrics