Finding the perfect spot: Choosing the best location to install a pergola

Finding the perfect spot: Choosing the best location to install a pergola

Pergolas or canopies have long been favoured for their ability to transform outdoor spaces into elegant and inviting oasis. This versatile structure provides a combination of shade, aesthetics, and a touch of outdoor beauty, making it a popular choice for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor experiences. However, the success of a project greatly depends on one important decision: where to install it. Samson Outdoor Living expert team will help you to explore the key factors to consider the best location for your pergola in this article.

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1. Purpose and functionality

Before choosing a location for your pergola, it is essential to determine how you plan to use the space. They can serve multiple purposes, such as creating a shaded seating area, enhancing a garden or patio, providing a space for outdoor dining or acting as a transition point between different outdoor zones. Understanding the primary function of your pergola/canopy will guide you in selecting the optimal location.

For example, if you use your pergola as a seating area for hosting outdoor dinners, you might consider positioning it next to your home or alongside an outdoor kitchen. This arrangement would bring your guests closer to the vibrant atmosphere and culinary delights.

In contrast, if you aim to enjoy relaxation and tranquillity, you could install it at the far end of your garden. This could offer a cosy space with snug sofas, extending your living space throughout the year.

2. Sun and shade

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One of the primary reasons people install pergolas is to create a comfortable outdoor space that offers both sun and shade options. If you desire a shaded area, consider installing your pergola on the side of your house that receives the most intense sunlight during the hottest parts of the day. This will provide relief from the sun’s rays whilst allowing some sunlight to filter through.

For popular south and west facing gardens, a pergola offers shade and shelter whilst seamlessly bringing indoors out when your doors are open.

Also, you could increase shade and privacy by adding valances together with your pergola. Whether you’re lounging with a book or hosting an intimate dinner, the valances can shield you from prying eyes and create a cosy environment where you can relax without feeling exposed.

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3. Other factors to consider

Size and dimension: In a narrow garden, a taller pergola can create an illusion of more space, while a larger model might overwhelm a smaller area. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider the dimensions that will harmonise best with your available space.

Future planning landscape: Additionally, it’s wise to consider your future landscaping aspirations. If you’re planning to have a swimming pool or add decking to your outdoor space down the line, it’s important to predict how these projects will align with your pergola.

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